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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Liz

My world was rock solid.

Until I saw her.

Lara Kessler showed up as if heaven sent her to me, and suddenly my priorities changed. Love is funny like that. One minute you’re living the dream, then BAM! Half my soul shows up backstage wearing a purple shirt and sexy skin-tight jeans, making me realize what I’ve been missing all along. Loving her means exposing a life I’ve tried to bury.

My heart had lost its beat.

Until I saw him.

Kaz Fabian caught my attention the moment I laid eyes on him. Love is funny like that. The famous guitarist was every woman’s fantasy–great face, chiseled jaw, cut biceps. The rock star was pure sex on and off stage, but his charm and charisma won me over. Loving him means burdening him with a life I’ve tried to leave behind.

With her future dim and his past in the spotlight, can they overcome their fate or will they just be another tragic love story?

The boys of The Resistance are back. This time S.L. Scott gives us Kaz’s story in The Revolution, the new standalone in her Hard to Resist series. Kaz is a recent addition to The Resistance and was very excited about the opportunity. Ready to keep his past a secret and move forward with one of best bands in the world, Kaz has the world at his feet.

Lara Kessler has fantasized about Kaz Fabian, the famous guitarist, since she first saw him. What is there not to love? Famous, gorgeous, charming…the list goes on and on.

Their timing has been off since they first met, but with recent changes in their current situation, has their time finally come? As they spend time together and get to know each other, sparks flies and their connection becomes stronger.

But when you get involved with the rich and famous, eyes are always on you and the consequences can be detrimental. With the secrets they keep, can their love survive? What will happen once the secrets are revealed and start unraveling their lives?

I loved Kaz. He was sweet and honest and stands by the people he cares about, even if it means hurting himself in the process. He was strong, sexy and so very caring. It was not hard to fall for him. Lara started out weak and cautious, but as you get to know her, you understand why. But as she spends time with Kaz and begins to believe in herself, we see her start to grow stronger and more determined.

It was great to see how two people who love each other can stand by each other and grow, even when they have both been hurt deeply in the past by those who said they loved them. But is love enough to carry the through all that is about to come their way?

There is so much more I want say about this story, but do not want to give it away. It is the kind of story you have to experience. Just know S.L. Scott treated the subject matter with honesty and insight.

I have truly enjoyed all the work I have read by S.L. Scott and she did not disappoint in The Revolution. This was a great story about overcoming hurt, pain and loss, but also of love, support and fighting for what you want. A great read that will touch your heart.


I give The Revolution by S.L. Scott 5-stars!

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Beautiful Crazy by Kasey Lane (Rock ‘n’ Ink #1)

beautiful-crazy-by-kasey-laneAvailable: November 1, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim

“You confound me. You’re all these maddening contradictions that don’t make any sense… And I can’t get enough of your special brand of beautiful crazy.”

She’s a rocker with attitude and ink…

He’s a sexy suit who gets what he wants

Kevan Landry is trying to keep her life on track and her brother in rehab. If her fledgling marketing firm can sign the hot new band, Manix Curse, it will make a world of difference. Mason Dillon heads the most successful music PR firm in Portland. He’s desperate to breathe new life into the company by signing Manix Curse.

The last thing either one needs is a one-night stand with a smoldering stranger…

The stakes are high when a battle for the band-in the bedroom and the boardroom-becomes a battle of the heart. But if these two can set aside their differences, they may find they’re the right mix of sexy savvy to conquer both their worlds.

Kevan is a confident woman who is trying desperately to keep her struggling marketing firm afloat. After firing her terrible assistant, Kevan is bound and determined to sign an up and coming band which will revitalize her business and help fund her brother’s rehab stint.

Mason is the CEO of the most successful PR firm but is on the verge of losing his job due to low performance. He is trying to expand the company’s reach into metal and is trying to sign the same band as Kevan.

After a one night stand, and yes, you guessed it, both vying to sign the same band, Kevan and Mason realize they will have to spend quite a bit of time together. Both Kevan and Mason sign on to go on tour with the band they are both trying to sign. At some points, they work against each other but more often than not, they are kind of helping each other out. Everyone in the band and all the people around them can see their attraction to each other, yet both are totally oblivious to it. After a huge misunderstanding, Kevan and Mason

Kevan and Mason are total opposites who fit well together. There is definitely chemistry between them and they absolutely have some sexy times together. However, they also have a ton of obstacles to overcome. I enjoyed the alpha male in Mason and the sassiness of Kevan.

This book was a good, quick read. However, I just didn’t feel the story. The beginning of the book was a little too slow for me and I really didn’t get the part of the assistant and the role she played until the very end.

All in all, it was an ok book.

I give Beautiful Crazy by Kasey Lane 2 stars

Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin (Magnolia Brides #3)

picture-perfect-wedding-by-lynnette-austinAvailable: November 1, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim

One mistake can change everything…forever Beck Elliot and Tansy Calhoun were inseparable-until Tansy left Misty Bottoms, Georgia, promising to come back after she finished school. Beck stayed behind to save the family business, dreaming of the day when Tansy would return. Instead, his trust and his heart were broken when she inexplicably married another man and bore his child.

Five years later, Tansy comes home, a sadder and wiser woman. Despite his anger, Beck finds it hard to avoid her and her adorable little daughter-especially with all the busybodies of Misty Bottoms going out of their way to throw him and Tansy together, hoping a lingering spark will reignite their enduring flame…

This is the story of Beck Elliot and Tansy Calhoun, two high school sweethearts whom had everything they ever wanted and needed in each other. Until one of them makes the biggest mistake of their life.

Tansy Calhoun went off to college with the promise of coming back to her high school sweetheart, Beck Elliot. Unfortunately, poor choices after the death of her father left her drunk and then pregnant. She married the baby’s father which led to an unfortunate and heartbreaking marriage.

Tansy is a beautiful lady, both inside and out. She is a remarkable mother who does everything to provide the best for her daughter, Gracie, including moving back to her hometown. Tansy came home almost penniless to try to provide her daughter with the kind of love she had growing up. However, moving back home and trying to move on with life means running into Beck on an almost daily basis.

Beck Elliot is a good, caring and loving man, who had his heart shattered by the love of his life. More than five years have passed since Tansy broke Beck’s heart and he is still so very angry with her. He doesn’t understand what Tansy was thinking when she got pregnant and married without even a word to him. Beck thinks Tansy is back to rub it all her money and that precious child he thought one day would be his in his face. What he doesn’t know is that Tansy is just trying to make a life for her daughter and make peace with Beck.

This was a cute story on how Beck and Tansy have to learn to come to terms with their past and move on with their lives, with or without each other. This book really is about forgiveness, learning to appreciate life and making sacrifices for the ones you love. And when the entire town is behind trying to get you and your ex-boyfriend back together, something is bound to happen. This was a cute and quick read. I have not read any of the other books in the series but will add it to my TBR.

I give Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin 4 stars!

Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke

written-in-the-scars-by-adriana-lockeAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

Falling in love is easy.

Falling out of love is the hardest thing in the world.

And Elin and Ty Whitt are terrible at it.

The first time the local basketball star smiled at Elin, she was a goner. It was just so damn easy to fall for the dark-haired hometown hero with his charming smile and strong, athletic build.

Thousands of sleepy smiles, aimless drives down country roads, and squeaks of the backdoor after a swing shift later, reality hits. And it hits hard. Falling in love was definitely the easy part. Watching it break apart was impossible.

Through the tears, the second-guesses, the memories of a life built together, the world keeps spinning. With each turn comes clarity and hope—sometimes in the form of a pair of muddy boots by the back door or from the words of a wise friend.

When Ty shows back up with a new found determination to put his family back together, Elin’s torn between the fights of the past and the possibility of a new start. This is the man that holds her heart, the man she loves beyond anything else. But this is also the one person in the world that can cause her the most pain.

Life’s not always easy. Love’s not for the faint of heart. But with life comes lessons and Ty and Elin have the scars to prove it. But it’s their love written in those scars that will hold them together … or break them apart.

Elin Whitt is nowhere close to where she thought she’d be in life. Married to her high school sweetheart, Ty, life was supposed to be full of happiness, promises, babies and love. Adversities are supposed to make you stronger, not tear you apart. Unfortunately, when things get tough for Elin and Ty, he does the last thing on earth Elin expected….he leaves. Elin is left to pick up the pieces of her broken marriage by herself.

Ty Whitt loves Elin with all his being and has since he laid eyes on her in high school. After a serious accident, Ty feels himself going into a downward spiral. Not being able to work, not being able to coach his basketball team, the start of an addiction, Ty takes what he feels is the best way out. Ty is a man who loves his wife and wants a family with her and he cannot do that in his current state. So Ty thinks the best way to get his life situated is to leave. Step away, get his life together and come back.

This couple is everything. Elin is so determined to live her life the best she can, even if it means the love of her life is not with her. Ty knows that Elin is his life and does anything and everything to make his mistake right and save his marriage. He begins to show Elin all the reasons they are good together and how their love has not changed and will not die, even with all of the awful things that have happened.

I also thought all of the secondary characters were wonderful. Jiggs, Cord, Lindsay, Dustin and hell, even Pettis had such a role in this story. It was great to see all of the good, the bad and the ugly with everyone in this book. Nothing was held back, everything was given in this book. And just when you think Adriana can’t destroy your soul anymore, she goes above and beyond to top it.

“Scars stick around to prove you showed up for life. That you lived. That you fought. That you loved.”

Written in the Scars is not just a book, it is the story of life. The story of love, sadness, misunderstanding, every single emotion that you can think of rolled into one AMAZING story. I can honestly say, without a doubt, this is THE story of 2016. You will never, EVER forget this book. I truly believe this is Adriana’s best work to date. After reading this book, I have taken a good look at my life and know what changes I have to make and exactly where I want to go with my relationships. It has inspired me to be a better mother, daughter, sister and most importantly, wife and to look at life like i never have before. Sincerely, no other book has ever made me think about my life like Written in the Scars has. This book will forever be a part of my life.

I highly, highly suggest one-clicking this book on October 20th! Make sure you have the tissues ready for the cry of your life!

I give Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke 5+++ stars!

Delve by Jacob Chance

nOW LIVE (14).png



He was my brother’s best friend and seven years older than me. He was a tatted up bad boy, indulging in one night stands like they were going out of style. So why did I want to tear his clothes off every time we got within five feet of each other? She was only eighteen years old when we met for the first time.

She was a good girl who avoided guys like me, but that didn’t stop me from picturing all the things I wanted to do to her-to do with her. She was too young though, and my best friend’s baby sister. I couldn’t let things go where I wanted. I couldn’t touch her-couldn’t taint her with my darkness. I knew it could never happen. It would never happen…

but it did.


He’s Lucifer in the flesh with those deep brown eyes and dark-as-sin hair. My eyes move down, taking in the close-shaved beard hiding the contours of his

chiseled jawline, before continuing on to his full lips. I carefully study their masculine shape. I can still remember what those lips felt like on mine;
even though I’ve done everything I can to forget. I wish I could erase the memory of how he gripped the back of my hair tight in his fist and tugged me
forward until our lips were just a whisper of a breath apart.

“Is this what you want?” he’d asked. I could feel his warm breath on my mouth before he’d softly brushed his lips against mine. “Do you want to see how
close to the fire you can be without getting burned, little girl?”

I tried to pull away, incensed at being called little girl. I wasn’t a girl. I was a twenty-one- year-old woman; perfectly capable of knowing what I should
and shouldn’t be doing. I knew which heading kissing him fell under – insanity.

He was my brother’s best friend.

He was seven years older than me.

He was a pig when it came to casual sex; indulging in one-night stands like they were going out of style.

That alone should have been enough to repulse me, but for some odd reason, it didn’t. It only made me wonder what kind of things he would do to me. I was
smart enough to recognize that those three things combined were a recipe for disaster. The wreckage left over would be the pieces of my heart, and I
couldn’t put myself out there for him on the off chance that he wouldn’t break me. My heart was damaged enough already.

He’d held my head in place as he’d swooped in, taking my lips in a kiss so hot I felt like I was going to burn up in flames. His tongue had plundered my
mouth, punishing me for pulling away, for trying to resist him. He showed me who was in control with that kiss. He showed me I wouldn’t ever truly get away
from him, and I hated him for that. I hated him for ruining other guys for me; but most of all I hated him for what he’d said when he pulled away from me.

“Stick to kissing those boys at school. Men want a woman in their arms, not a little girl.” He looked at me with such disdain, I wanted the ground to open
up and swallow me whole. I wanted to disappear, go someplace where his painful words couldn’t hurt me anymore. Where my memory could be wiped clean of
Derek Santiago and his handsome face.

That kiss is still the hottest one I’ve ever had to this day, but I still despise him for the cruel words he callously threw at me. Those words tore me
apart and made me second guess myself. It took me a long time to realize what he said wasn’t motivated by me at all. It was the result of him despising


DELVE on Goodreads

*****REVIEW BY LIZ*****

This book was steamy, hot and sexy. I picked it up and could not put it down until I was done. Jacob Chance did an amazing job with his third book, Delve. This is a standalone book and can be read independent of any other book, however, it does feature characters introduced in Quake and Quiver, Kyle and Janny’s story.

Derek Santiago has felt a connection to Kenna McKenzie from the first time he saw her. Instant and unbreakable. But she is forbidden. As his best friend’s baby sister, Kyle, he knew he had to keep his distance. She was too good for him. To keep his distance, he often treats her with indifference and at times, spews cruel words. All as a cover so she never finds out how he really feels.

Kenna McKenzie knows there is no future with Derek Santiago. As much as she is attracted to him, she would never jeopardize his friendship with her brother. But her body betrays her every time he is near. She needs to move on. Period.

The chemistry between Kenna and Derek drips off the pages. It’s undeniable. They try to fight it and stay as far away from each other as much as they can, but often times they end up bickering. How long can the keep this up?

This was a great, quick read. It had a little bit of everything, surprise twists, a little suspense, and hot steamy scenes. And that ending! Cannot wait for Jacob’s next book! I am loving his characters and stories.

I give Delve by Jacob Chance 5 steamy stars!


About the author:

Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.

A writer of erotic romance, DELVE is his third release and is the follow up to QUAKE and QUIVER (Book 2 in the QUAKE Duet.)

Jacob plans on writing many more sexy, suspenseful stories and to branch out to other genres.


Other books by the author:















Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

well-hung-by-lauren-blakelyAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary

Publisher:  Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim



Here’s what you need to know about me — I’m well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Women like a guy who makes them laugh—and I don’t mean at the size of his d*ck. No, they want their funny with a side of huge… not to mention loyal. I’ve got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business. Yup. I know how to use all my tools.

Enter Natalie. Hot, sexy, smart, and my new assistant. Which makes her totally off limits… 

Hey, I’m a good guy. Really. I do my best to stay far away from the kind of temptation she brings to work.

Until one night in Vegas… 

Yeah, you’ve heard this one before. Bad news on the business front, drowning our sorrows in a few too many Harvey Wallbangers, and then I’m banging her. In my hotel room. In her hotel room. Behind the Titanic slot machine at the Flamingo (don’t ask). And before I can make her say “Oh God right there YES!” one more time, we’re both saying yes—the big yes—at a roadside chapel in front of a guy in press-on sideburns and a shiny gold leisure suit. 

But it turns out what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. And now, my dick doesn’t stay in my pants when she’s around. I try to resist. Honest. But the more we try to keep our hands to ourselves, the more we end up naked again, and the more time I want to spend with her fully clothed, too.

The question now is…do I take this woman to be my ex-wife?

By now, I’m pretty sure the entire universe knows my love for Lauren Blakely and her books. Well Hung is one of those books where they characters are…dare I say it…swoon worthy. Wyatt Hammer, another Lauren Blakely book boyfriend to love!!

Wyatt Hammer. Now you know that name just begs to be one of a sexy, hot and fun carpenter. Wyatt instantly captured my heart as an all-out nice guy from the very start. And with Natalie as his assistant, his business is soaring to new heights. However, a possibly account in Las Vegas brings them both to the city. When in Vegas, right?!?! Work hard, play harder and boy, do they play. Over and over, in so many places you never even considered….I don’t even need to tell you about a Lauren Blakely sex scene (wink, wink).

Natalie is the backbone to the company. She is the assistant who keeps everything in running smoothly and Wyatt’s customers absolutely adore her, as does Wyatt. Natalie is trying her best to keep away from the man that she just can’t have as Wyatt is trying desperately to keep his hands of her. When works calls in Vegas, they both fight their feelings until work is no longer work and alcohol runs rampant. Even after all their shenanigans, Natalie is bound and determined to keep the promise she made to Wyatt, even when he has no recollection of it.

This was a very sexy, quick read about two people trying to continue to work together after a crazy night in Vegas brings to light their feelings for each other along with an quickie trip to the alter. I highly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it. I laughed. I smiled. I cried. I want to visit Las Vegas. I definitely want to ride a roller coaster (and I hate heights)! Most importantly, I think I’m going to get my husband a tool belt for Christmas 

I give Well Hung by Lauren Blakely 5 stars!

Harley & Rose by Carmen Jenner

harley-rose-by-carmen-jennerAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Liz

Ever since she was a little girl, thirty-year-old Rose dreamed of the day Harley would carry her across the threshold on their honeymoon. So what if this isn’t her actual wedding day, and that she’s only here because Harley was left at the altar just a few hours earlier?

Trading San Francisco for paradise and swapping her bridesmaid’s bouquet for a Blue Hawaii, Rose hopes she can finally escape the friend zone.

Once upon a time they had been more than friends, but life got in the way. She’s spent every day since wishing Harley would get a clue.

She’s always been his best friend.

He’s always been hers.

She’s in love with him.

He’s … not in love with her.

He’s … marrying someone else.

He’s … hiding something.

He’s … well—it’s complicated

This book. The feels. Harley and Rose was my first book by Carmen Jenner, so I had no expectations going in. None. I loved the blurb and thought it sounded good. Once I finished the book, I sat there emotionally spent. I felt every word in this book. And loved it. Even as my heart lay shattered.

Rose has always loved Harley. In her heart, he has always been hers. They were meant to be together, but somehow they went down different paths. When she thought she had lost him forever, she somehow finally gets the opportunity to try and get out of the friend zone. Or so she thought.

I loved Rose from the start. She thought she had lost Harley, but never lost herself. She was spirited, funny and likeable. At times I felt my heart breaking for her and at others I wanted her to just move on. She deserved to be happy. But to her, happiness was Harley.

What can I say about Harley? One minute I was loving him and the next I wanted to strangle him. He could be very harsh in his dealings with Rose and it broke my heart. But every once in a while, we would see a different side. It gave me hope.

While reading, we get flashbacks to their past and it gives us so much insight to their story and history. Carmen Jenner very beautifully told this story with a balance between then and now. It helped us understand what led to where they were now. And it also makes you fall in love with these two. Root for them and hope that in the end, they will find their way.

And then everything is shattered. The big twist/reveal at the end explained so much, but also left us gutted. You need to read this book and experience it for yourself. It is really hard to say anything else without giving away important details. Just know this is a very emotional read that will stay with you for a long time. It has angst, love, humor, and heartbreak. It will keep you captivated until the very end.

Harley & Rose by Carmen Jenner was a 5-star emotional read for me.

The Player by Claire Contreras

the-player-by-claire-contrerasAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N


Type: Contemporary Romance/ Sports

Publisher: Self

My copy: Purchased

Reviewer: Liz

I’m naturally gifted on the field and between the sheets. With flashy cars and enough media attention to put the Royal Family to shame, I’m the definition of Most Eligible Bachelor.

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t want to be me or a woman who doesn’t want to tame me. Until I meet Camila.

From the moment I lay eyes on her, I know I have to have her.

She wants to keep me at arm’s length.
I want her naked in my bed.

She thinks our worlds are too different.
All I want her to think about is screaming my name.

She says I’m bad news.

I have three weeks to prove her wrong.

I love sports romances. I mean what is not to love, right? Hot, sexy, and athletic men who are alpha in every way. So, again, what is not to love? In The Player, Claire Contreras gives us one hot, sexy alpha man in Warren Silva.

Originally from New York, Warren is now living out his dream by playing in Europe. He is currently the hottest commodity in the world of soccer. Men want to be him and woman just want him. And though he is at the top of his game, there is so much more to him. He is also a smart man who invests in his future. A bit cocky, he comes by it naturally with all the success he has found.

Camilla Avilla is a strong, stubborn and determined woman, who can at times be on the shy side. That is, until someone messes with those she cares about. When she first meets Warren she finds him very attractive, but has no idea who he is. But she also knows they are complete opposites in every way. For this reason, she keeps her distance. Even when he brings out the charm that has woman falling to their knees.

Back home to take care of some business needs, Warren meets Camilla and is instantly drawn to her There is just something about her. Though the chemistry between these two was instant and hot, they come from entirely different worlds. Camilla is not used to men like Warren and his intent pursuit on winning her over. What could he see in her? Warren on the other hand had never met a woman like Camilla. She is not drawn to the player or his money. No, what draws her in is the man, in spite of who he is

Though Warren is used to women being readily available to him, for the first time he finds himself working hard to win over woman. But there is something about her that pushes him to pursue her. She is so unlike any other woman and that intrigues him.

Just when you think everything may just fall into place for these two, secrets are revealed that may be too much to overcome. Can they find a way to be together? Is love enough when so much stands in the way? It is definitely worth reading The Player to find out. You will love Warren and Camilla and will find yourself cheering them on. I found The Player a very charming and sexy story and would definitely recommend it.

I give The Player by Claire Contreras 4-stars!

Coming Full Circle by Jessica Prince (Pembrooke Series #2)


Title: Coming Full Circle

Series: Pembrooke Series (Book 2)

Author: Jessica Prince

Genre: Contemporary Romance


She knew what it was like to feel unwanted.

At an early age Eliza Anderson learned a very hard lesson. Sometimes the people who are supposed to love you the most are the ones that cause you the most pain. She learned to guard herself, hesitating to let anyone close for fear of feeling that rejection all over again. Then Ethan came into her life, and what had started as a simple childhood crush morphed into a friendship she eventually came to cherish above all else. He was her safe place. Her rock. A shoulder she could lean on. Until he ripped it all away.

He knew what it was like to feel like an outsider.

Ethan Prewitt grew up learning that you couldn’t always trust the people you loved the most to be there. That sense of security he craved had always alluded him, leaving him to feel like an interloper in his own home. He dreamed of escaping the small town of Pembrooke and building a life where he didn’t have to depend on anyone but himself. What he never expected was for his friendship with Eliza to grow into something that meant everything to him.

Mistakes were made. Hearts were broken. But now Ethan’s home and he’s determined to make it right. It was time for their relationship to come full circle.

Because what they had was once in a lifetime.

***This is Book 2 in the Pembrooke series, a spin-off of Wildflower. They are interconnected standalones.***


Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA


*****REVIEW BY LIZ*****

I have read a few books by this author and have truly enjoyed them. All of them from a different series of hers I am enjoying. Coming Full Circle by Jessica Prince was the first book I read outside this series and wow. Just wow. It shows her diversity as a writer.

Coming Full Circle is a story about second chances. Trust lost is not easily found again. Especially when one left intentionally. It is full angst, but also about forgiveness, love and moving on.

As children, Eliza and Ethan were close. They trusted in each other and were there for each other. Always. But as they grow older, things begin to change. Feelings begin to emerge. But at the same time, Ethan wants to build his own life. So when an opportunity comes his way, he takes it and walks away. In the process hurting Eliza very deeply.

Six years later he is back. And Eliza is protecting her heart. Hurts run deep. Ethan knew he made a mistake walking away, but how to win her heart back?

I loved seeing Eliza as an independent, strong woman that moved on with her life. Did Ethan hurt her, yes, he did. Did she lay down and give up because of it? No, she moved forward. But now that he is back, can she keep her heart safe?

This was definitely not insta-love or a quick reunion. This was a story of two people realizing mistakes were made, feelings were hurt, but of second chances as well.

I do want to note that though this is book two in a spin-off series, I did not feel lost once. The author does a great job giving us the background we need to read this story.

I really enjoyed this book. It was at times heartbreaking and at others heartwarming. It made me feel every word. And really, what more can you ask from any story?

I give Coming Full Circle by Jessica Prince 4-stars!


“If you’re done with your meal, please feel free to pay your tab, tip the waitress, and leave.” Her tone might have sounded polite, but the way she said it meant it wasn’t so much a suggestion as a demand.

“Shit, Eliza. I’m sorry,” I breathed, running a hand through my hair.

“You know, you’ve been saying that a lot lately.”

“Because I mean it!” I bit back.

“Then stop saying it and start showing it, Ethan. What have you actually done to prove to me or anybody in this town that you’re sorry for being a shitty friend or a shitty brother for the past six years?”

Jesus Christ, she hadn’t been kidding when she said she’d changed. The Eliza I knew was always headstrong, but she’d never been one to make a scene or give someone a verbal ass kicking, even when they deserved it. Clearly, with age came a sharp tongue where Eliza Anderson was concerned. And fuck if it wasn’t sexy as hell to see her reacting with so much passion.

Before I had a chance to apologize again, or maybe do something stupid like tell her just how gorgeous I found her in that very moment another presence interrupted our standoff. And, unlike Quinn’s appearance, that particular blast from the past was unwanted, and very unwelcomed.

“Hi, Ethan. I thought that was you.”

Even if the feminine voice wasn’t familiar to me — in that nails-on-a-chalkboard kind of way — the way Eliza’s entire body went rigid and her face blanked would have told me exactly who was standing behind her.

I knew good and well that Eliza couldn’t stand my on-again-off-again ex-girlfriend Shannon, and she had every right. I’d started dating her my freshman year of high school. She was a year ahead of me in school, sixteen years old, and more than willing to put out with one of the guys from the varsity football team. And seeing as I was a dumbass kid who was only thinking with his dick, I thought she’d walked on water, and throughout the next four years, we broke up and got back together more times than I could count on either hand. She cheated, had a nasty jealous streak, was a spoiled, entitled little brat, and my sister never liked her. Those red flags should have been enough for me to realize that not only wasn’t she a good girlfriend, but she pretty much sucked as a human being all together.

Over the years, one of Shannon’s hot buttons was my relationship with Eliza. Because she didn’t understand what our friendship was like back then, and she felt that she was the only person without a dick I should have been allowed to talk to, she took a distinct dislike to Eliza. And let it show.

She treated Eliza like shit whenever she thought I wouldn’t find out about it, bullying her and being as cruel and nasty as a bitch like her could possibly be, thinking her pussy was enough to keep me on a leash while she secretly treated my best friend like shit. We fought about it constantly, because if I wasn’t there to see it myself, someone else always managed to tell me what evil Shannon was up to when I wasn’t around. Because Eliza was so young and quiet, she most certainly wouldn’t have told me herself.

It wasn’t until I pulled my head out of my ass and finally noticed just how closed off Eliza became whenever Shannon was around that I finally pulled the cord, ending things for good.

But Shannon, being the worst kind of bitch, didn’t use our breakup as a reason to stop her torment of Eliza. She’d never been one to apply herself to much of anything, so while I was in college, she was still in Pembrooke, trying to hold on to her old glory days from high school. I could remember multiple occasions where I’d have to drive my ass all the way from Laramie just so I could hold Eliza while she cried after Shannon had done something particularly mean. I hated not being in the same town to stop my jealous ex, but Eliza swore up and down she didn’t need my protection.

That didn’t stop me from hauling my ass over to Shannon’s house on multiple occasions and ripping the woman a new asshole. Unfortunately it never helped.

Suddenly discovering that venomous woman was still living in the same town as my sweet, mild-mannered (or at least she used to be) best friend made every muscle in my body lock, ready to battle.

“Shannon,” I spoke through clenched teeth, refusing to take my eyes off Eliza as the other woman bumped against her shoulder in an effort to get closer to me.

“I heard you were back,” she said in a low voice that I was sure men who didn’t realize what a blood-sucking shrew she was would find seductive. I wasn’t one of them. Reaching across the table, she ran a painted nail along the back of my hands as she continued with that ridiculous fucking voice. “It’s been a long time. I was hoping we could catch up.”

“Hasn’t been long enough, and as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing to catch up on. I’m just here, catching up with an old friend and trying to enjoy my meal. So…” Anyone else would have taken the hint and taken off before they did something to embarrass themselves. But not her. Because heartless skanks had no shame.

“Well I’ll join you,” she said cheerfully, shoving Eliza out of the way in order to claim the bench across from me.

My mouth opened to object, but my girl got there first, shocking the hell out of me while filling my chest with pride all at the same time. “Sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” she said in a syrupy sweet voice.

Shannon looked at her with a hateful glare. “What? Why?”

“There’s a sign clearly posted outside that states ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ and seeing as half your shirt looks like it was ripped off by a mountain lion or something before you walked in here, your clothing choices aren’t meeting the standards of this particular establishment.” And just to add insult to injury, she added, sweetly, “Maybe try the Denny’s on the other side of town? I just hope their no dogs allowed policy won’t count for you.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, you stupid, frumpy bitch?!” Shannon started to stand, but I shot from my seat and stood in front of Eliza faster. After that display I had no doubt she could do more than just hold her own, but she’d said her piece. If Shannon was stupid enough not to get that she wasn’t wanted, I was going to clear things up. There was no reason for Eliza to be forced to engage any further than she already had.

“No one invited you to sit here,” I told her, the tone of my voice causing her eyes to grow wide.

“But… Ethan—”

I cut her off, not feeling bad in the slightest. “I didn’t ask you to join me for lunch, and I sure as fuck don’t want you sitting across from me while I’m trying to keep my food down. So since Eliza doesn’t want you here, and I sure as shit don’t want you here, there’s no reason for you to stay.”

“Babe, just let me—”

“We have nothing to catch up on seeing as the last words I ever spoke to you were that if I ever found out you so much as looked at Eliza wrong, I’d make your life miserable. You clearly didn’t listen, so it looks like I’ll have to make good on my promise.”

I could hear the muffled voices and movement from the people straining to hear, but other than Shannon’s spiteful words, they hadn’t been able to hear the full exchange, which did nothing but make her look like an even bigger fool since most of the town had always thought Eliza to be the sweetest.

“You’re still standing here,” a sarcastic voice spoke up from behind me. I barely suppressed an eye roll when I turned to look over my shoulder to give Eliza a really? Could you not right now look.

She shrugged, but had the grace to look properly scolded.

It was the pure hate in Shannon’s voice that forced my head to turn back around as she spoke, “You always chose her over me.” She spit as her eyes shot fire in my direction. “That twisted, weird little relationship you guys had back them was creepy and it’s still fucking creepy today.”

I shrugged. “Rather be in a relationship only you would consider creepy than stuck with a heartless bitch like you.”

She moved to slap me, a motion I would have had no problem blocking had a particular little ball of fire not jumped in front of me and grabbed Shannon’s wrist before I could. “You slap him and, so help me God, I’ll rip your hair out at the roots. Now get the hell out of my building before I have someone call the cops and escort your ass out.”

We both watched in silence as a red-faced, clearly embarrassed Shannon spun on her hooker heels and stomped out of the café.

“Well…” I breathed, gaining Eliza’s attention. “That was fun.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head as she turned and headed back for the kitchen, but not before I saw the corners of her mouth twitching with a suppressed smile.





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FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That’s why God created central air, after all.

Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy–she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.

In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books–romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it’s a passion…there’s a difference. Not that she’d expect a boy to understand.

Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.

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Mr. Mysterious by J.A. Huss (Mister #4)

mr-mysterious-by-ja-hussAvailable: October 12, 2016 Amazon/B&N


Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Self

My copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Liz

Paxton Vance isn’t as cryptic as he thinks. That broody nature and tough-guy exterior aren’t fooling me one bit.

I know everything about him. I listen in on his most personal phone calls. I read his mail before he does. I even know what his mother got him for Christmas last year.

You’re the man of my dreams, Paxton Vance. You just don’t know it yet.

But don’t worry, I’ll remind you. I’m here to give you everything you need, before you know you need it.

So don’t get defensive because I take a challenge seriously. You have to open up to someone, and that someone is me.

Besides, you can’t stay Mr. Mysterious forever. Why play the game if you never want to win?

I believe I say this for every J.A. Huss book I read but it is no less true every time. Her mind is an amazing thing! She always surprises us with so many unexpected twists and turns and Mr. Mysterious does not disappoint.

Paxton Vance is Mr. Mysterious, of the infamous Mr. Brown’s, who ten years ago were accused of rape, until the accuser died. He walked away after the accusations and built his life in his own way. Answering to no one but himself. Mysterious, broody and a loner by nature, he never lets anyone in. Until the day she blew into his life and turned it all upside down!

Cindy wanted Paxton Vance for years. Was determined to win him over and show him they were meant to be, damn the consequences. Or so she thought. Secrets have a way of coming out when you least expect it. Can she be what he wants and needs? Or are the secrets and lies too much to ignore?

Who would expect that one of the Mrs. is none other than Baby Shrike? Totally unexpected but she is everything you would expect from a Shrike. She is one of my all-time favorite heroines. She is tough, independent, strong and goes after what she wants with no regrets. And she has wanted Mr. Mysterious since her teens.

Paxton on the other hand keeps everyone at a distance. He does not want or need anyone getting too close to him to hurt him. Never again. However, one day Cinderella, Cindy, blows into his life and she may just be what he has always needed. Unlike any other woman he has ever known, she shows him how life could be if he just opens his heart to her.

Mr. Mysterious really surprised me. He has been depicted as this standoffish character without a care for anyone but himself. And though that may be who he wants to portray, he is so much more. It was nice to get to really know him and see a different side of him.

But is it too dangerous to get involve with her now? Is there really any choice? What will happen when secrets begin to unravel?

We are given more clues to what happened and what is happening, but really, there are as many, if not more, questions about what happened and is happening to all the Misters. Why now?

I love how the overall story is coming together. Even with all the questions still unanswered, we learn enough to want to know more and how it will end! This is book four in the series, but book 1 through 4 can each be read as standalones and in any order. Book five, Mr. Match, is the final book and should be read last. I, for one, cannot wait to see the epic ending J.A. Huss has for us. A must read series!

I give Mr. Mysterious by J.A. Huss 5-stars!

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, PHPlist