Flirting With Disaster by Ruthie Knox (Camelot #3)

Flirting With Disaster by Ruthie KnoxAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Loveswept (Random House)

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Pam

In the latest eBook original novel in Ruthie Knox’s scorching-hot Camelot series, a no-strings fling looks an awful lot like falling in love—or flirting with disaster. Fresh out of a fiasco of a marriage, Katie Clark has retreated to her hometown to start over. The new Katie is sophisticated, cavalier, and hell-bent on kicking butt at her job in her brother’s security firm. But on her first assignment—digging up the truth about the stalker threatening a world-famous singer-songwriter—Katie must endure the silent treatment from a stern but sexy partner who doesn’t want her help . . . or her company.

Sean Owens knows that if he opens his mouth around Katie, she’ll instantly remember him as the geeky kid who sat behind her in high school. Silence is golden, but he can’t keep quiet forever, not with Katie stampeding through their investigation. It’s time for Sean to step up and take control of the case, and his decade-old crush. If he can break through Katie’s newfound independence, they just might find they make a perfect team—on the road, on the job, and in bed.

Katie wants to make her own path in the world, to be out in front never to be left behind again. She is home after a disastrous marriage and recent divorce and is working her first job as an agent and wants to show the world she can do anything. Her brother Caleb owns his own security business and for the most part she has managed his office, yet she wants something more.

Katie is going with fellow employee Sean, to talk to a famous singer who has had some threats made against him. Judah took one look at Katie and said he would hire Caleb’s firm if Katie came to investigate. Judah felt some type of connection to Katie and feels she will make a difference in his life. Sean has been working with Caleb for a few months, since coming home to pack up his mother’s house after she died. Unfortunately what was supposed to be a short trip has turned into several months as Sean feels stuck and unable to move on.

Sean has stuttered for most of his life however while living in California and running his own business you would never know it, yet once he came home and was greeted with the ghost of his mother, the stuttering comes back with a vengeance, he can’t even talk to Katie and is basically silent while around her, which drives her crazy as she fills the silence with her own voice. Sean is great a solving problems but he can’t seem to solve his own, plus is perplexed by Katie and gets nervous around her.

The first meeting with Judah goes flat and they are soon driving back to Camelot, however Judah calls Katie frequently still troubled yet unwilling to tell them about the threats. Sean and Katie dig deeper to solve the problem only to find the past is haunting Judah and he must face it before he can move on.

As they are dealing with Judah’s problems Sean and Katie grow closer, yet try to keep it simple, as Sean is up front with her and tells her he is going back to California as soon as possible. Yet despite his declaration, they find the attraction is stronger than they think. Katie will not take anything less than true commitment in a relationship again so as Sean deals with his past and believes he can only give so much, Katie pushes for more.

I thoroughly loved Katie and Sean’s story and have been looking forward to it since Along Came Trouble. Katie is a bit down and out from her marriage however she is resilient and ready to move on with her life, provided she leads for a change. She is a strong woman, who has had some bad breaks and I cried for her when she has felt nothing but rejection from people she most wanted acceptance from, yet she perseveres. Sean is a wonderful, flawed character and I just loved him from the start, as he has this one big obstacle to get through, he was so stuck and you just wanted to make it better, who doesn’t love a smart, nerdy gorgeous man? The two have great chemistry and the sexual tension feels real between them as they both navigate through their past problems to find true love.

I like how Ms. Knox usually has several story lines going, basically forming layers in her story to create these wonderful characters, as Katie and Sean were dealing with their problems, we get to know more about Judah and his life, what is happening with him and why. However the conclusion of the threats was a bit of a letdown, I still liked Judah and his story. It is fun seeing past characters and enjoyed their interaction in the story, Jamie and Carly are so cute with the baby and they try to help when they can. And Caleb and Ellen are getting ready for their wedding and there were several funny scenes involving Ellen’s son Henry. This is another wonderful story that flows from start to finish as Ms. Knox lets us get to know these interesting and intriguing characters.

I give Flirting With Disaster by Ruthie Knox 4 stars!

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