Screaming Orgasm by Mari Carr (Cocktales #4)

Screaming Orgasm by Mari CarrAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Jayne Kent has watched her best friends and business partners fall in love while romance continues to pass her by. When Books and Brew regular Elias Clark offers her a Screaming Orgasm, she wishes it was the sexual variety rather than a lousy drink. She’s been lusting after Elias forever and suspects he could bring all her naughty, kinky fantasies to life. Elias has resisted his attraction to Jayne for years, assuming his dominance in the bedroom would send sweet, romantic Jayne running for the hills. Or would it? Alone in a snowstorm, Elias tests the waters and is blown away by Jayne’s innate submissiveness and eagerness to stretch her boundaries. Ice play? Bondage? Flogging? Bring it on. Soon it’s no longer a question of whether or not Elias should pursue Jayne, even if she’s not sure she’s brave enough to submit to him forever. She’s made for him, and this determined alpha male will stop at nothing until he’s claimed her—completely.

With Screaming Orgasm, Mari Carr gives her readers exactly what you would expect from an Ellora’s Cave erotic book with that title. It was hot and sexy and refreshing and, oh, did I mention hot? Not having read the first three books in this series, I wondered if I’d feel like I was missing something. This book easily reads as a stand-alone, although I think reading the other girls’ stories would make this one all the more enjoyable.

Jayne Kent is part-owner of Books and Brew, the bookstore/bar she runs with three of her friends. Over the last year she has watched all three of them meet and fall in love with incredible men, only to still be standing aside waiting for her turn. She is thrilled for her friends, but longs for a happy romantic ending for herself. Elias Clark is a regular at Books and Brew, and the man Jayne has had her eye on for years. He is the perfect man to end her sexual drought, but there is one obstacle in the way. Elias is a Dom, and Jayne has a deep-seated fear of losing herself in a relationship the way her mother did. She is reluctant to give in to her sexually submissive tendencies, afraid she will allow Elias to dominate her in all aspects of her life.

Sometimes BDSM books are too over the top for me. When they are too “out there”, bordering on sexual slavery, it does nothing for me; I want to yell at the heroine to get a backbone and tell the guy to shove it. But then other times this theme is portrayed in just the perfect way, and in Mari Carr’s book, the BDSM is done right. Elias is definitely a strong, dominant male with the desire to control Jayne’s submission. He’s also a smart, caring, romantic man who has fallen for Jayne as much as she has fallen for him. While Jayne insists they will only have a short-term affair meant to give in to their mutual attraction and introduce her to the D/s world, Elias is determined to open her eyes to her true nature and the possibility of a real future with him.

I thought Elias was an excellent Dom. He mastered Jayne beautifully while respecting her as a woman. Her pleasure mattered to him in the bedroom, and everything else about her interested him out of it. He was very sexual, but had a tender, caring side that was nice to see. Jayne was smart and lovely and I’m glad she wasn’t able to resist Elias’ efforts for long. This book wasn’t very long but it was full of passion and emotion and the writing was excellent.

I give Screaming Orgasm by Mari Carr 4 stars.

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