An English Bride In Scotland by Lynsay Sands

An English Bride In Scotland by Lynsay SandsAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Avon

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

Annabel was about to take the veil to become a nun when her mother suddenly arrives at the Abbey to take her home… so that she can marry the Scottish laird who is betrothed to her runaway sister! She knows nothing about being a wife, nothing about how to run a household, and definitely nothing about the marriage bed!

But from the moment Ross MacKay sets eyes on Annabel, he is taken with his shy sweet bride… and the fact that she’s blessed with lush curves only makes him utter his own prayers of thanks. But when an enemy endangers her life, he’ll move the Highlands themselves to save her. For though Annabel’s not the bride he planned for, she’s the only woman he desires…

I love the highlander books that Lynsay Sands has written in the past, and knew as soon as I saw she was writing another series set in this wonderful world that I would have to read them. An English Bride in Scotland has lived up to the standards that I have come to expect from her, it is a great start to another series.

Annabel has been at the local Abby since she was seven, dropped off by her mother who never came back to visit. She has been studying to be a nun for several years and even though she believes she will make a terrible nun, it is all she has known and trained for. When her mother shows up out of the blue all flustered with other plans, she is confused. Unwittingly she is about to marry a man who is promised to her sister.

Ross MacKay is engaged to the Waverly’s eldest daughter Kate; it is too bad she has run off with the stable boy leaving the Waverly’s with a dilemma. Ross has already had to fight clan members to be the clan chief when his father died; he does not need any more problems, yet he is about to receive a bunch of trouble as he meets Annabel, his replacement bride. When they arrive at the MacKay house Annabel quickly settles in, and even though she is English, she warms her way into the hearts of all the clan members who treat her like gold. It is unfortunate that someone has made several attempts on her life, hurting Ross in one effort, and then to make matters worse, her sister comes to take refuge and is nothing but a nuisance.

I love Ms. Sands Highlander books, they are witty and fun, I have always enjoyed the heroine who is usually a delight and An English Bride in Scotland is no exception. The heroine is quirky and although has always been told she was not a worthy person, she quickly assimilates herself into the Scottish lifestyle, and it is fun to watch those around her build up her self esteem and have her enjoy the things she never was able to experience.

Annabel’s mother and father are horrible, selfish people that only think of themselves and I was glad we did not get to see much of them, her sister Kate is actually worse, as she tries to gain what Annabel has. There is also a bit of drama as someone is out to get Annabel, and it is very funny to see her defend herself and even fight her attacker while Ross is unable to help. There are several laugh-out loud moments, since she was not trained to be a wife, she has interesting “bedding” rules she learned in the Abby and I love how they get around them. The chemistry is amazing between them as they both like each other right away; this is refreshing as they stood united throughout the whole book.

I thought Ross was a wonderful hero, the right amount of alpha with many endearing qualities as he finds that he is happy with his replacement bride, he is a patient man as she is a very stubborn woman. The story flows well and is a quick read with a surprising ending, I did not guess who was behind the attacks or why, yet the problem is solved rather quickly and very orderly, that was probably my only issue. All in all I recommend this wonderful historical romance and am looking forward to the next, as I am sure I will love it.

I give An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands 4.0 stars!


  1. I haven’t read any of her books, but will be adding this one to my TBR.
    I love Highlanders and have yet to read about one that I haven’t fallen in love with. 😉

  2. I just started this one yesterday after a stress filled day! Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to read today because I am in the process of moving (well, I am packing up a few boxes but have to just leave them where I fill them because I can’t lift much due to a back injury). I do love Lynsay Sands books though! So fun 🙂

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