Feature: Libby’s Fireman by Tracey Steinbach

Libby’s Fireman (Heroes of Trasco County Book 1)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Secret Cravings

Libby’s Fireman is the story of a little girl, her mom and the fireman who falls in love with both of them. Libby is exuberant, outgoing and fearless. She’s also six years old. When she gets stuck in a tree, trying to get her Barbie doll to fly, Jack comes to her rescue. Jack is immediately taken with the little girl. He loves children, going out of his way to help them whenever he can. In bonding with Libby, Jack gets to know Tara, her mom. Tara melts a little each time she sees Jack with Libby. She was attracted to him but now her heart is becoming involved. Little by little, the three of them become a family.


“How would you like a little playhouse out back? We’ll put a window in, so you can check all your people and animals for flying. How does that sound?” Jack grinned at her while he watched her mind work.

“You’re going to build me a playhouse?” She threw her arms around Jack’s neck and hugged him tight. “You are my bestest friend ever, Jack.”

Jack laughed and hugged her back. “Now, I won’t be able to finish it tonight, but I have a couple of my friends from the fire station coming tomorrow morning to put it up, okay?”

Libby nodded. “Okay! Can I help?” Libby squirmed to get down, then took Jack’s hand. “Mommy made us a snack.”

Jack followed Libby to the front door. He stepped inside, letting her drag him through the house. When they reached the kitchen, Libby’s mom had her back turned while she prepared something on the counter.

“I hope you like macaroni and…” Her voice trailed off when she turned around and saw Jack with Libby. Jack could see the surprise on her face. Evidently, Libby hadn’t told her mom that Jack was coming.

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