Darkness Avenged by Alexandra Ivy (Guardians of Eternity #10)

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Zebra

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

THE SEARCH FOR A TRAITOR As the demon world celebrates the defeat of the Dark Lord, the vampire Santiago’s mood remains bleak. He still yearns for the sensual, raven-haired Nefri, who has inexplicably disappeared. But brooding for Nefri is a luxury that Santiago does not have. His traitorous sire, Gaius, is unleashing a violent scourge upon the mortal world, and Santiago must stop him before it’s too late…

LEADS TO A DANGEROUS SEDUCTION To her dismay, the all-powerful Oracles have sent Nefri on her own mission to find Gaius, and failure is not an option. Nefri’s search leads her to the vampire’s abandoned lair—and straight into Santiago’s path. It’s clear Santiago intends to seduce her, but then an ancient, banished evil reappears, threatening to thrust the world into a madness it cannot survive… This is one of the first paranormal series I started reading and I have enjoyed where the author has taken me, a trip through the world of dark alpha vampires who find their mates when they least expect it, while destroying evil. Ms. Ivy writes the stories with humor and interesting characters as they fight for their lives and of course the lives of their mates who are usually kick ass women on their own.

Santiago and Nefri are both on the trail of Gaius, a rogue vampire that is Santiago’s sire. They each have been given a directive from their superiors and are surprised to meet up in the swamps of Louisiana. Since Santiago can track Gaius, they agree to work together, and to make it more fun, Levet is there to help. Both Santiago and Nefri are powerful vampires in their own right and although there is a sexual spark between them, Nefri is determined to steer clear of him.

All those in the paranormal world are celebrating the recent demise of the Dark Lord, and are a bit surprised that something or someone is disturbing the demon world again. As usual the Oracles, rulers of the demon world are keeping secrets from everyone so the group is flying blind as they search for Gaius. Sally Grace, a witch who worked for the Dark Lord before he was destroyed has recently witnessed Gaius acting strange, she went to Styx with hopes she will get back on his good side as she realized working for the Dark Lord was wrong. She is now being held in a cell waiting questioning to see if what she told them was true. She is angry, not only because she is being held against her will but also because the vampire who is watching over her is Roke, the Nevada clan chief who rubs her the wrong way, of course the feeling is mutual, and the fun begins.

As they all work separately with a common goal to find out what trouble Gaius is contriving, there are many forces working against them, no one is sure what is wrong with Gaius, Sally does not know what her powers will do and when provoked she unleashes a spell that changes both her and Roke’s lives and a book of spells seems to be at the center of the powerful creature who is causing problems, all their lives are in danger as they race to find the answers.

This is another great installment in the series and I enjoyed seeing Nefri and Santiago together as they try to find his sire and prevent chaos. As the two travel through the swamps looking for Gaius, they become close and do not fight the passion they feel toward each other. Since the last book was all about fighting the Dark Lord I feel this one is setting up a new story line, we learn about what has happened beyond the Veil and who the Oracles are protecting or hiding. I enjoyed seeing that Levet is safe and sound, calling himself a hero to all that will listen, I love his character and that he is still such a fun part of the series.

I found that I liked the secondary story line about Roke and Sally much more than Nefri and Santiago’s story. I thought that Roke and Sally’s relationship portrayed the type of characters that are more normal for this series; they both have their own agendas and are thrown together unwillingly, hating each and every minute they have to be in each other’s presence, whereas Nefri and Santiago’s story is too easy. Roke and Sally are great, the sparks fly as they fight the pull toward each other, and I believe the transition to their story is done very well and I am looking forward to it.

As always, I love the relationship between the demons, whether they are vampires, weres, imps, or gargoyles, they are all intriguing (in a dangerous way), alpha to the max, and the humor that Ms. Ivy instills in the dialog between both the men and women make them even more fun to read. The story is fast paced with action from beginning to end and is another wonderful addition that seems to move the series along with a new evil lurking in the future.

I give Darkness Avenged by Alexandra Ivy 4.0 stars!

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