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How they make time for romance

In a normal life it can be hard between work and family and House Hunters International marathons to find time for a little romance. But when you’re being targeted by a shadowy group of criminals, and the guy you’re dating is a cop who is keeping secrets from everyone he knows to protect you, things get even more complicated.

And that can be the rub for a romantic suspense book. How do you find the time for stealing kisses when you’re on the run and just trying to stay alive?

Everyone approaches it differently, from author to author and story to story. In One Night of Danger, there are a few times I take a break to let Carly and Sam strengthen their bond. It helps that their first night together happens before things get really wild. Their attraction endures, and gives her something to look forward to. Something normal to strive for.

But as the danger mounts and trust issues arise, there are that help deepen their connection. Tiny pockets of quiet in the storm where through luck or design, the couple is alone together. Working out a solution, developing a plan, or running from their pursuers, they get to know each other in ways they never expected. Carly respects Sam’s “warrior-cop” instincts, and he’s impressed with her ability to overcome her fear.

And in the strangest way, the undercover cop and ex-receptionist discover one thing they have in common. A willingness to risk everything to protect the people they love. And a growing understanding that they are falling into that category for each other.

So while there are no quiet picnics in the country or afternoon strolls through a museum, Sam and Carly develop something intense and real. And something about fighting for their lives makes every moment of pleasure even more special. And so, in the rare moments of quiet and relative safety, they turn to each other, desperately and passionately. Partners on this journey, they fight against the danger that threatens them and fight for the love blooming between them. At least until everything falls apart.

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Type: New Adult Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Self Pub

Carly Chase is building a new life for herself, day by day, when a faceoff with an irate man at work brings up memories of a trauma she’s barely recovered from. She’s shaken and in need of

something to make her feel better. That something arrives in the form of gorgeous, sexy cop Sam Rollins who appreciates her curves and knows exactly how to distract Carly from her problems – for a while.

But soon Carly finds herself caught in a web of criminal conspiracy. Innocent but panicked, she turns to Sam for help. He can’t resist the pull of the plus-size beauty and seems willing to risk his career to protect her and find the truth. But their risky partnership is under constant threat. Not only by the forces they battle, but by secrets from her past and his present as they are revealed.

In a fast-paced race to survive, Carly has to do something she swore she never would. Trust her safety and happiness to a man she barely knows. Can she overcome the violence and damage in her past to forge a new future with Sam, or will a final intimate betrayal end everything?

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Author Bio:

Clara Bayard is a wealthy business owner who, following the brutal death of her parents, used that wealth to create a secret identity and a lot of cool gadgets in order to protect the city she adores, and keep others from experiencing the same pain she did.

Wait, no. That’s Batman.

Clara is a just a regular gal living in the Mid-Atlantic region. She loves writing sexy stories about flawed people doing exciting things. When she’s not writing she enjoys talking to strangers in bars and marathon-watching TV shows everyone else has seen already.

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  1. Wow, Clara! The book blurb above really got me going…I gotta read this book! Romance + intrigue make for a heck of an adventure story, not just a romance. I think that combo is hard to beat. So glad to “meet” you on today’s blog stop.

  2. I use summer as a time to catch up on my to read list. So all those books I just couldn’t find time for during the prior months all come to the beach with me. I’m so glad I’ve got a kindle and can haul a small library with me!

    dancingcelt at gmail dot com

  3. I love to read any romance novel in the summer (or pretty much any time at all lol) As long as it has a HEA, it’s good enough for me

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