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Why I write Happily Ever After

IMAG0084-1-1-1-1I write happily ever after because I’m compelled to. In life there is no happily ever after for anyone. The most we can look forward to is a happily for now. And I realise that this sounds terribly depressing but trust me, I have a good reason for saying it.

I love romance, I love, love. I adore everything about it. From the butterflies you get when you see the person for the first time, to that moment when their lips touch yours and you feel every inch of you tingle. First touch, first kiss, first realisation that this is the person you want to spend your forever with.

I adore all of these things because of my parents. Watching their love story was a privilege. I remember my mom telling me about the first time she saw my dad across a crowded bar. Instantly she knew he was ‘it’. The one for her, the fabled soul mate. She turned to her cousin and said, “That’s the man I’m going to marry.” And she did.

Life wasn’t easy for my parents. My brother is down syndrome and requires 24hrs/7days a week care, which my mom provides. She does it alone, since my dad died of cancer seven years ago. And she will continue to do it, until her dying day. Out of love. And part of it is her way of honouring my dad. They created and loved my brother, she carries that love forward.

In reality there is no happily ever after. I watched a part of my mom die, the night my dad finally lost his battle with cancer. To bear witness to a grief like that is terrible. And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. To lose the one you love, is beyond words.

And so, I write characters that can share a love like my parents. That deep, everlasting, gut wrenching emotion that we call love, I give it to my characters. I watch them fall in love. I don’t make it easy for them, I throw trials and tribulations in their way but they always overcome them. They always find each other. Sam and Natasha from Sacrifice went through their share of pain. But in the end they have each other. And in a book they will always have each other. There is no separation, no loss, no grief, no death. That’s the beauty of fiction. The beauty in the happily ever after and the reason I write it. I give my characters what life took from my parents, a forever together, never to part, love.

I was lucky to see what my parents shared and for that I’m thankful. They shaped who I am and the way I create. I will always wish I could have written them a different ending but I can’t. So, instead, I will continue to write books and characters that find love that never ends, and honour my parents in my own small way.

Sometimes love is worth the ultimate price.

SacrificeFINALAvailable on AmazonAmazon UKBarnes and Noble

The moment Sam looked at me, I knew he saw me. The real me, not the one I pretended to be. He saw beyond my pretense to the girl beneath. The girl who cried herself to sleep at night. The girl who pushed people away, when all she really wanted was for someone to look her in the eye and tell her everything would be alright. That life wasn’t always pain. That living wasn’t always this difficult. That the ones you loved didn’t always leave you behind. In that moment, Sam saw me, and I saw him. And I knew without a doubt that I would love him and he would betray me.

Natasha Masterton, a young college student on the verge of graduation, has the world at her feet. But all is not at it seems. Her mother is dead and she hasn’t seen her father in over three years. The only dealing she has with him is when he deposits her allowance into a bank account every month. Her father’s lack of interest has hardened Natasha to the rest of the world, leaving her cold and more than a little broken.

When Sam Harker crashes into Natasha’s life, asking questions about her father and dragging up the past, Natasha’s interest in piqued. The more time she spends with him, the more she falls for his easy charm and quick smile.

But Sam has secrets of his own – secrets that threaten their blossoming relationship. And when the real reason for Natasha’s fathers disinterest becomes apparent, a sacrifice must be made. Love, honor and duty collide… risking more than just a broken heart.

Sometimes love is worth the ultimate price.


About M.G. Morgan

Writing has always been M.G.Morgan’s passion. Love and romance are two of her favourite things to write about. She writes heroes and heroines to fall in love with.

She is a crazy cat person. And she loves to curl up in front of the fire with her husband and one true love and watch a scary movie.

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  1. M.G.,
    Each time you write a happily ever after story, you honor your parents’ love for each other, and keep it alive. As a reader who prefers HEA, or HFN with the promise of HEA, I appreciate your muse. It takes so much work to nurture love over the years, and it takes two people WANTING to work for it. Characters who are willing to continue to grow their relationship, past the initial flutter of emotions, lust and into something deeper and lifelong, are my favorites -i the ones I connect with and WANT to read about.

    Today, I salute your parents, and you for sharing their love with the world! What a beautiful way to reciprocate their gift to you.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. All I can hope for is that I can continue to share and honour even a small fraction of the love my parents shared, with the rest of the world through my writing.


      Millie 🙂

  2. Thanks MG for your thoughtful insight to your personal life. You are correct in life, it does not always have happy endings, but with love it can be found! Your writing shows this and I always appreciate a happy ending! Losing one’s father is an awe-full experience. I went through the same 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe that is one reason I love the happy endings now? I love your books, always have & wish you the best for future writings! <3

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, losing a parent is never easy. Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment. I’m so glad you like my books 🙂 and I hope to bring you many more happily ever after books 🙂

      Have a great day,


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