When I Find You by Dixie Lee Brown (Trust No One #2)

When I Find You by Dixie Lee BrownAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N 

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Avon Impulse

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

Dixie Lee Brown continues her heart-racing Trust No One series with a sexy veteran determined to protect an innocent woman on the run. As a former Marine, Walker could find a needle in a haystack. But when he’s asked by the U.S. Marshals to track down a nanny fleeing from the mafia, he’s sure she’ll be more trouble than she’s worth. Especially after the sexy little thing clubs him and leaves him for dead. Walker’s stunned by her courage—and her curves—and can’t help feeling drawn to this damsel trying to dig her way out of distress. He’ll find her, and when he does, it’ll take more than the mafia to tear him away.

Darcy Maddox never expected to be running for her life. But when it suddenly looks like foe may become friend, Darcy’s faced with a choice: Go it alone or trust a man she just met—never mind the way his touch gets her heart pounding. The choice seems simple enough until she realizes it’s not just her life at stake—it’s her heart.

This is the second in the Trust No One series, and it is just as action packed as the first one.

Darcy has been working as a nanny for a known mobster for three years. She started working for Johnny Fontana and fell in love with his two boys before she found out what Johnny did for a living but by then she did not want to leave. Now as she is running for her life when shots are fired in the house, she wishes she had left earlier. Trouble follows her to Oregon and she is stranded in the desert while two men are after her, she is not sure what to do when one man catches up to her and simply says “trust me.”

Walker received a call from his friend and employer Joe saying they had a job; they needed to intercept Darcy and keep her safe until the Feds stepped in. Darcy is scared and fortunately her father taught her how to fight, poor Walker’s head gets in the way of her plans for escape. When he wakes up and tracks her down he needs to convince her to take a leap of faith and trust him. Darcy decides that he may be her best option and they head to the coast were Joe has a safe house, to wait.

Walker and Darcy are immediately attracted to each other yet they both need to face demons and fears from the past in order to move forward. Darcy has self-conscious issues from an incident in high school and Walker has lead a life of danger and does not feel worthy of her affection. And yet they keep finding themselves in each other’s arms while danger is all around. Plus all is not what it seems, Darcy and Walker try to sort out what is truth and what is fiction, however it is difficult and even Joe says the Feds have stopped talking and no one is getting answers. Meanwhile the danger escalates.

What a wild ride, When I Find You is a great addition to this series and I was excited to see that it is Walker’s book as I really enjoyed his character in All or Nothing. This book is full of action and adventure and does not stop from the beginning when Darcy is escaping her employer’s home to the end when they are finding out who the bad guys truly are.

I do have to say that Ms. Brown is excellent at keeping us in suspense as she weaves a tale of intrigue. I liked both main characters, of course I have liked Walker since the first book and Darcy is a great match for him. Between what her dad taught her while growing up and what Walker teaches her about using a gun she is as kick-ass as they come. The chemistry between them is steamy as they danced around their attraction; there is something about a touch and a look that is so sexy.

It is fun seeing Joe and Cara, the main characters from the first book appeared several times here and I like the camaraderie between them all, I wish some of the other team members were around but I understand since they did not spend any time at the ranch in Montana, I just love the team Special Ops trope and I am always excited to read about them. The plot progression is fast and works well and I like how it all the pieces fit together in the end with several surprises. I am not sure who is up next however I am on board and will definitely be reading it.

I give When I Find You by Dixie Lee Brown 4 stars!

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