Werewolf In Alaska by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Wild About You #5)

Werewolf In Alaska by Vicki Lewis ThompsonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewed by: Pam

He’s a lone wolf—for now. In Polecat, Alaska, Rachel Miller and Jake Hunter have a mutual admiration for each other—from across a lake. There’s nothing Rachel likes more than spying on the very fit wilderness guide when he skinny-dips each night. And Jake has always been curious about his reclusive artist neighbor. He even bought Rachel’s first wood carving: a wolf who looks suspiciously like him…

Jake is a werewolf, but not just any werewolf. He’s the founder of WARM (Werewolves Against Random Mating). And that means a human like Rachel is off-limits, no matter how attractive he finds her. But when Rachel is threatened by a bear, and Jake shifts to save her, their lives collide with an intense passion, one that could change everything they’ve ever felt about themselves—and each other…

I have read Ms Thompson’s books and as always she instills humor and fun in her writing and of course Werewolf in Alaska is no exception. Rachel is a kick and she has the perfect personality to take on a werewolf that does not want a human around.

Rachel Miller is a famous woodcarver that has made her home in Polecat, Alaska, a place she loved to visit when her grandfather was alive. Three years ago she was just starting out as an artist and when her “across the lake” neighbor Jake purchased a wood carving she created she took it as a sign and pursued her dream; turns out it was very lucrative.

Jake is a werewolf and is dedicated to the cause of Weres Against Random Mating, WARM. He has kept his distance from Rachel throughout the years because he knows the attraction is there.

As much as he vows to stay away, a bear threatens Rachel and when Jake saves her he gets hurt. Rachel feels responsible so takes care of the wolf, one thing leads to another and she finds out who and what he is. Jake is unsure of what to do so he detains her until he can make a decision, which leads to some hilarious conversations between the two and when the attraction becomes too much for them, the scene where he does not have a condom also leads to some comic communication.

As their affair heats up, Rachel is reminded several times that this is temporary, nothing will come from it and he will never change, yet she is ever hopeful. Unfortunately he is not the only one of his kind that thinks humans have no part in their lives and she finds herself in danger.

Werewolf in Alaska is a very cute story that does not take itself too seriously, the characters are fun and engaging and the story is lighthearted without much conflict. Rachel and Jake are a perfect pair and they could easily have gotten together three years ago if he had not been so stubborn. Jake is a hot werewolf but his character is a bit stilted without much humor, it may have been because he was trying to be a leader in the WARM group or maybe it is just him, but I found I was not as enamored of him as others. Rachel on the other hand was very likeable and charming.

The main plot surrounds the relationship between Jake and Rachel and there is not a lot of drama as they work around their feelings, Rachel is ready to go head long into a commitment and Jake back pedals until he realizes what he may lose. All in all, the book moves the series forward in a nice way and I am looking forward to more with these fun werewolves.

I give Werewolf in Alaska by Vicki Lewis Thompson 3.75 stars!

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