Home school? No thanks, I take enough drugs already..

I humbly apologize for not writing in a week. I see I’ve had views while I have been gone. That blows my mind. Honestly. Maybe people read my blog and walk away thinking, wow, guess I don’t have it so bad. I know I do that on other people’s blogs. No matter how bad we think we have it, someone will always have it worse than us. Even if it’s just in our opinion. Perception is everything. Case in point. I can not even fathom home schooling my kids. I envision myself having a Britney Spears breakdown by the end of the first day. My patience has greatly improved since having kids, but not enough to even roll that one around in my brain as a possibility. I think those who do home school are a very special version of crazy. I mean that in a loving way, of course. I say this because this week my husband and I have started getting the kids ready for going back to school. This includes nightly flashcards and countless workbook pages to refresh their little minds.  We will continue this regime up until school returns on the 23rd for the boy and the 26th for the girl. Since the husband still has not found a job, he is handling some of this. Normally it would be all me, but I figure he can help out since he is hanging around the house these days. So at least when that mental breakdown happens, I won’t be alone this time. I figure there has to be a padded cell for couples somewhere.

Both my kids will be in school full-time this year. You can picture angels singing ‘Hallelujah”, because I certainly am. FULL TIME. I’m so excited about this I may have to buy some Depends and pee my pants. For the past 2 years I have had both kids in school but the girl was doing a pre-k program. Which, of course, was at another school across town. Let me tell you of the fun I had dropping one off and then having to be across town for the second one in under 20 min. Not only am I happy, but I’m sure the residents of my city will appreciate the fact that I won’t be cutting them off in an attempt to set a speed record down our back streets. Now I can take my time in the morning and not run down random joggers out for a stroll. Or, the husband can if I end up working 10 jobs to support us when he can’t find a job.

Sleep? What’s that? I can sleep when I’m dead I suppose. Coming up in the next few weeks is so much stuff between getting ready for school and work. Explain to me why I must have the girl in for testing one day, orientation on a completely separate time from when the boys is, and the girls first day is 3 days AFTER the boy. Really? Why don’t you throw in a few more dates for me, because the chances of me remembering all this is slim to none. Even with it wrote on the calendar, in my planner and hung on the fridge, I will forget something. On top of that I have work schedules, bill’s to remember before disconnection, household chores and every other thing that makes the world go round. Well, it feels like that at least. Cloning may be morally wrong by some standards, but today it would feel oh so right to have 3 of me. Then at least one of us could sit down and drink that glass of wine….

Here is a link to one my favorite commercials…or at least since having kids in school…


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