Feature: A Bride For The Billionaire by Laina Madrid

A Bride for the BillionaireAvailable August 2013
A Bride For the Billionaire
Kiley Quinn has defied her family and forfeited her inheritance, following her heart to become a photographer. In the small town of Cedarville, she’s building a life for herself far from the big city and its relentless pursuit of wealth and prestige.A chance encounter with self-made billionaire David Russo disrupts her careful plans. Kiley can’t deny her attraction, but their lives are on different paths, and she’s not about to become a rich man’s plaything. She doesn’t realize that the same determination that drove David’s business success is now focused on making her part of his life.When he maneuvers her into a marriage of convenience, a furious Kiley vows he’ll never claim her heart. But David is captivated by his reluctant bride, and he won’t rest until she surrenders to him in every way.


The strangest thing about seeing David parked outside her door was how unsurprising it was. The way he’d said goodbye to her at the studio, Kiley was sure she’d see him again—but not tonight, at her cabin. Instead of alarming her, though, his unexpected appearance set her body humming with anticipation.

Despite that, she still had some working brain cells, so she asked, “How’d you know where I live?”

He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking almost embarrassed for a moment. The hint of self-consciousness charmed her. “I was just … driving around,” he said with a shrug.

Her eyes narrowed. “Out here?”

David straightened, and the trace of awkwardness vanished, replaced by the sensual challenge of him, the unapologetic alpha male dominance. “I was looking for you.”

Kiley tilted her head. “And you looked for me … out here.” Her cabin was on the very edge of town; the odds of anyone stumbling across it were infinitesimal. “Did you call your assistant for my address?”

That seemed to amuse him. “No.”

“How’d you find me, then?” She wasn’t trying to be argumentative; she just wanted to solve the puzzle.

He came a few steps closer, his casual air not fooling her for a minute. “I drove around,” he repeated.

Kiley flung out her arms, exasperated. “What aren’t you saying?”

“I have good instincts.”

She went still. “You found me by instinct.”


The certainty that he spoke the unadorned truth tilted perception on its axis, heating her blood, prickling her scalp. The woods became a tropical jungle, she the cornered prey, he the apex predator toying with his prize. Kiley cleared her throat and managed to say, “Those are some … impressive instincts, Mr. Russo.”

His eyes darkened, deepening the impression of sensual danger. “The next time you call me that,” he said, his voice a rough caress, “we’d better be roleplaying.”

The implications of that sentence flashed through her like a lightning storm, pushing buttons Kiley didn’t even know she had. In an instant, her panties went wet. Like a sleek, deadly panther, David moved in—and she panicked.

She jerked away before he could touch her, stumbling back across the threshold. He followed, not waiting for an invitation, and shut the door behind him. Kiley couldn’t escape the feeling that some brick had been put into place that couldn’t be dislodged, in an edifice she hadn’t realized was being built. She held her hands up, still backpedaling. “We can’t do this.”

“The hell we can’t.” He stalked across the room after her, intent, unrepentant, infuriatingly sexy. “Are you seeing anyone?”

Kiley couldn’t lie to him. “No.” Her back hit a wall; David closed the distance until their bodies were a hair’s width apart. Her hands were flat against the wall, bracing her. If she put them up, they’d touch his chest, and she needed to maintain that fraction of non-contact.

“If you tell me you don’t want me, Kiley, I’ll call you a liar.”

“That isn’t the point.”

“What is the point, then?”

Her body was certain she should let him do whatever he wanted with her, right here, right now. Frantic, she tried to think why that wasn’t a good idea, and then she remembered. “I know who you are.”

David’s eyes went to slits. “Oh?” he said, very softly. “And who I am is a problem?” His eyes flicked to her throat, where her pulse hammered; his pupils dilated, and Kiley resisted the urgent need to tear all her clothes off.

“We’re … incompatible,” she said, her voice hoarse. “Our lifestyles.”

He leaned an arm on the wall above her head, invading her space even further, his mouth almost on hers. “Because you’re a country mouse,” he said, almost whispering, “and I’m a city mouse?”

There was an undertone she couldn’t decipher; it made her uneasy. His mouth made her crazy. She wanted to nibble the full lower lip, suck on it, wrap her arms around him while he plundered her … dragging her mind away from the temptation of his body, Kiley forced it back to their conversation. “That’s—oversimplifying,” she said at last, “but yes.”

His eyes flashed. “Well, little country mouse, I know who you are too.”

A bucket of cold water and a hard slap to the face would have been less of a shock. She shoved at him and he moved back, but Kiley was well aware she couldn’t have budged him without his cooperation. “What does that mean?” she demanded.

David studied her for a long moment. “Kiley Quinn,” he said at last. “Of the Chicago Quinns, the ones who founded Quinn, Delaney, and Quinn.”

She folded her arms over her chest, not caring that it made her look like a petulant child. “So?” Might as well sound like one, too.

He seemed more bemused than angry now. “What are you doing in Cedarville?”

“That’s none of your business.”


“Don’t ‘Kiley’ me!” She pointed a trembling hand at the door. “Get out.”

Another long pause. “No.”

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