How To Marry A Highlander by Katharine Ashe (Falcon Club #3.5)

How To Marry A Highlander by Katharine AsheAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Avon Impulse

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

With seven troublesome half sisters to marry off, Duncan, the Earl of Eads, has one problem: he’s broke. With the prospect of marriage to the pompous local curate, Miss Teresa Finch-Freeworth has one dream: to wed instead the handsome Highlander she saw at a ball.

How does a desperate lady convince a reluctant laird that she’s the perfect bride for him? She strikes a wager! If she can find seven husbands for seven sisters, the earl must marry her. Duncan has no intention of wedding the meddlesome maiden, and he gives her a deadline even the most audacious matchmaker can’t meet—one month. But Teresa sets terms, too: with each bridegroom she finds, the earl must pay her increasingly intimate rewards . . .

I love this book, a fun and witty story about a woman that knows what she wants in life which happens to be an impoverished Highlander with many responsibilities.

Miss Teresa Finch-Freeworth has been intrigued with a man she has never met but seen from across a room. She has a good life, with plenty of money as her parents are wealthy and she knows who she does not want to marry, the Revered Mr. Walden, which is what her parents would like her to do. Yet she is waiting for that one man, and then she will make her move.

Duncan is the Earl of Eads who has seven half-sisters who are of marriageable age. He has brought them to London to see if they can catch the eye of some handsome gentleman who will overlook the fact that they have no money. Teresa finds out Duncan is in London, so telling her parents she is going to shop, she travels to the town. She brazenly goes to where he is staying and asks him to marry her. When he refuses, she tries to intrigue him with a wager; she will find husbands for his sisters. Although he is amused, he still refuses, but they do a bit of negotiating which is fun to read.

This is a short story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Teresa is so much fun and I love her as she tries to find husbands for the sisters. She actually does not have to look too hard for several of them as the men just seem to appear. It seems almost too easy for her but I enjoyed the story too much to think about reality.

Not only does she have to fight the fact that London society does not like the sisters, she has to fight Duncan who does not want to marry again. The sisters are delightful and each has their own personality to make the matchmaking more entertaining. Duncan and Teresa are charming and the chemistry works with them as they battle each other with witty banter and sexual attraction.

The story is fast paced as there is not much time for Teresa to win the wager and kept me interested until the end. The characters are engaging and I enjoy the family relationships that are portrayed. This is a novella in the Falcon’s Club series and is a great addition. I am looking forward to more from this author whether it is this series or another.

I give How to Marry a Highlander by Katharine Ashe 4 stars!

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