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ThrownFINAL400X600Amy Anderson is trying to outrun the chaos that is her life.

After inheriting an old house in England, she escapes the complications back home, her dysfunctional family and an uncertain future.

But then Amy meets Stoker – the bad boy of Promise Cove. He has issues of his own but they are hidden beneath his attitude, muscles and leather jacket.

Amy’s life is about to be thrown into a whirlwind of emotion, danger and a love that will change everything.








Romance For Life

By Tabi Wollstonecraft

Of all the things we search for in our lives, I think the most powerful thing that drives us is the need for romance. We seek that special connection with another human being that is as strong as a sacred bond and reserved for only that special person in our life.

The problem with looking for that mystical bond is that every couple has different chemistry and dreams so the romantic spark can be elusive or might feel different than we expected when we started a relationship.

Maybe that’s why we love reading romance stories! We can lose ourselves in a world where we know that whatever problems face the couple in the story, everything will be resolved by the end and the romance will be just perfect. The couple were meant for each other and we have been lucky enough to read about their meeting and the ways they overcame adversity to be with each other. Because these two belong together.

Isn’t that what we look for in our real lives?

When I wrote my book ‘Thrown’, the story of Amy and Stoker, I put my romantic fantasies onto every page. I wanted these two to end up together, despite the dark issues I had planted along their path to true love. I wanted to see how Amy and Stoker could face their individual issues and grow together as a couple.

Some reviewers have said that the issues in ‘Thrown’ are darker than usual. There’s a reason for that. I think that the darker the problems faced by our heroes, the brighter the happy ending will shine. A real love is a love worth fighting for, no matter the price.

I have a friend with the same issues as Amy in the book, although my friend is physically more like the character of Dell, Amy’s friend. My friend had survived (and I do mean survived) a very bad relationship and was spending her secret hours self-harming and being sucked into a swamp of depression. I hated seeing her like that and I tried to help her as best I could but even I didn’t know the true extent of her misery.

Then one day my friend met Nick, a computer whiz and musician in a local band, and she felt that bond I mentioned earlier and knew that here was one of the good guys and if she wanted to be with him, she had to face the deep issues of her life and allow herself to live again.

I have promised my friend that one day I will write a fictional story based on her experiences.

“Thrown’ was my first little adventure into the territory of writing a romance between two people who carry deep scars. If you take a chance on me and read my book, I hope you enjoy it.

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