Thunderstruck by Kendall Grace

Thunderstruck by Kendall GraceAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Western Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Desperate to distance herself from her previous life, and her high-powered ex, Jo Montgomery moves to a tiny slice of Georgia, an impetuous decision if there ever was one. Though not nearly as impetuous as throwing herself into an intimate relationship with her new neighbor. Hawk Stephens, a horse breeder and local celebrity, is sex personified, a man built for dark deeds in dark places. But he wants far more from Jo.

Every instinct tells Silent Hawk that Jo is The One, and despite her obvious uncertainty, his Apache beliefs give him faith. The signs are unmistakable. His skittish little filly requires a strong hand, patience…and blazing, mind-bending sex that leaves no doubt to his feelings and intentions. But before their love affair has barely begun, the reemergence of Jo’s ex, coupled with a potentially tragic event, forces Jo to make decisions that not only damage Hawk’s beliefs, but could also shatter their tender romance beyond repair.

One of my most common complaints when reading a book published by Ellora’s Cave is that the sex completely takes over the storyline. Usually I struggle to find a little storyline and actual romance to go with the heat. This book, however, had the opposite problem. I almost felt like I was reading a Harlequin instead. Silent Hawk is everything a woman could want. A successful horse breeder, he is self-sufficient, hard-working, devastatingly handsome and charming, as well as caring and honorable. A half-breed Apache, he falls back on his mother’s people’s traditions when he needs guidance in his life. Taking cues from his faith, he realizes almost the minute he meets her that Jo Montgomery is the woman he’s been waiting for.

Jo moved from Arizona to Georgia in a desperate bid to gain independence for herself, and to separate herself from her former life. As the ex-wife of a successful (but amoral) politician and the daughter of a man actively involved in her ex’s career, Jo is bound and determined to remove herself from the life that brought her nothing but pain. When she discovers her husband’s affair, she files for divorce and buys a run-down farmhouse across the country. She quickly learns, though, that “fixer-upper” is too kind of a description for her new property, and she is forced to rely on her sexy neighbor for help.

Hawk is more than willing to assist Jo in whatever way she needs, and the more time he spends with her, the more he is determined to make her his. He is attracted to her, he admires her and he wants to cherish and protect her, and that becomes more than obvious when her ex enters the picture once again. I really liked Hawk as a strong partner for Jo, and I believed how quickly he fell for her thanks to his Apache faith in the signs pointing to her as the one for him. What I didn’t like was how immature he was when it came to “the big misunderstanding”. All along he proved that he was a man to stand by and be what she needed, and yet the minute she pushed him away, he got mad and believed her. There was a bit of an age difference between them, and this issue made it obvious.

For her part, Jo’s reasoning for lying and pushing Silent Hawk away may have been justified in her mind, but one thing that really bothers me in romance books is when a misunderstanding could completely be avoided by a little communication! Jo and Hawk had incredible chemistry, but I would have liked more of it. For an Ellora’s Cave book, the story was a little tame in the sex and romance department.

Overall I was interested in their story, but I wasn’t completely in love with Silent Hawk & Jo’s romance.

I give Thunderstruck by Kendall Grace 3.25 stars

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