Caught Up In You by Roni Loren (Loving On The Edge #4)

Caught Up In You by Roni LorenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley Heat

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

After a shaky past, Kelsey LeBreck’s future is looking good. She’s been saving money for culinary school with her earnings from The Ranch, a private BDSM resort. Even better, she’s landed a day job where she can practice baking and flirt with her favorite customer. However, having secret fantasies about Wyatt Austin is where it has to end. If there’s one thing Kelsey knows can derail her, it’s a relationship. But when a danger from her past threatens to steal her fresh start, the intense executive may be the only one who can help her.

Wyatt doesn’t have room on his agenda for dating, but something about the pretty young waitress stirs desires he thought were long buried. So when he needs someone to pose as his girlfriend at an important business retreat and finds out Kelsey needs to go off the grid for a while, he can’t resist making her an offer. Soon, Kelsey learns that Wyatt’s power in the boardroom is no match for his power in the bedroom, and she wonders if her heart will survive. Because Wyatt Austin is a man who gets what he wants, and now he wants her.

This is an amazing addition to the Loving on the Edge series, filled with steamy scenes, wonderful characters and with a bit of suspense thrown in. I really enjoyed this one and will definitely be reading more about The Ranch.

Kelsey LeBreck is a waitress at a local diner during the day and works at The Ranch at night. She dreams of going to culinary school and eventually opening a bakery so is working two jobs to make it work. For the past eighteen months she has been keeping a low profile, she thought she left trouble behind her but she has been found and is ready to run again.

Wyatt Austin is a customer of at the diner and he has a regular routine that includes sitting in her area. He is a wealthy businessman who works for his family’s business and likes to watch Kelsey, but does nothing about it as he thinks she is too young, too sweet and it would be too messy. When he finds out that Kelsey is in trouble he makes her an offer that could benefit both of them and takes her on a business retreat. Wyatt is surprised to find she is a domme at The Ranch and in order to be a trainer she must submit for a month to a Dom. Wyatt used to practice but left the lifestyle years ago. They strike a deal, for one week she will be his sub, he will get a beautiful guest for his retreat and they will both walk away.

The chemistry is explosive between them and the Dom comes out in Wyatt making for an interesting week, one that may be hard to walk away from.

I loved this book, I have read several in the series and they are all just as wonderful. Kelsey has an amazing tortured soul, she has lead a wild life because of her own choices but for the last year she has been living the life she wants, too bad it is lonely. She is a feisty woman who is strong enough to keep herself from falling back to her old ways and I like that about her. She thinks she is a domme but others are not as sure, and when she wants to be a trainer she must find her sub side to proceed. I like that she does not automatically go into the sub role and she and Wyatt have “talks” about wanting to control a situation. Wyatt is so cool, the silent nerdy type that lives for his job until he finds something in Kelsey that is missing in his life. The chemistry between them is incredible; they steam up the pages from the beginning as they both fantasize about each other. And when they do get together things sizzle, wait until you read about the boat ride to the island, wow.

The suspense and danger do not play a huge part in the story, it is mostly about Wyatt and Kelsey getting past their hang-ups and moving forward. She truly does not feel she is worthy of him and he must show her how wrong she is. And even though we do not spend much time at The Ranch, I enjoy how characters from the series are featured in the book. I also am excited to read more about Kade, a member of The Ranch that was on the island with Wyatt and Kelsey, I think his story is next.

I give Caught Up In You by Roni Loren 4.5 stars!

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