Unforgettable by Alison Kent (The Dalton Gang #3)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

The infamous Dalton Gang was once known for riding—and playing—hard. Now, as owners of the Dalton Ranch in Crow Hill, Texas, they’re working from sunup to sundown. But one look from the right woman can tempt them back into the saddle…

When a walk on the wild side turned into a nightmare for Everly Grant, she escaped her abusive ex by taking a job with Crow Hill’s small newspaper. Now she’s assigned to write a human interest story on the return of the Dalton Gang, and she soon discovers that Boone Mitchell could give her plenty more than a good interview. As much as she craves safety, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Boone’s dangerous streak. Before she takes the cowboy to bed, she lays down the law: There are no strings attached, and she’s the one in charge. There is something to be said about a cowboy with a bad reputation that is returning home after several years. I love this trope and thoroughly enjoyed this third installment to the Dalton Gang. The author writes fun and entertaining cowboys that work that bad boy image as they meet and fall for the strong women who tame them.

Boone Mitchell is the last of the Dalton Gang to be tamed, but he does not seem too adverse to the prospect of finding someone like Casper and Dax have. Boone’s sister Faith took Casper’s heart and Dax found Arwen in the short time they have all returned home.

Everly Grant is Faith’s friend, they went to college together and she moved to Crow Hill four years ago after a horrible marriage that turned abusive. When her life fell apart she was a news anchor for a major network and she hated the fact that her life all the sudden made the headlines. She now works for the local newspaper, mostly on human interest stories and loves small town life.

Boone, Dax and Casper returned to Crow Hill a few months ago and it was the talk of the town when the boys came home. Everly has met Boone several times and is a bit bothered because whenever he is around she gets flustered and tongue tied. When she sees him in the parking lot of a bar unsteady on his feet after a night of drinking, she takes him home to sleep it off and when morning comes all bets are off and things get steamy between the two.

When her boss wants her to write a human interest story about the Dalton Gang coming home, she is bound and determined to get all sides of the story no matter how difficult the men are about sharing their tales and bringing up the past.

This is the third book of the Dalton Gang trilogy and a great addition to the series. I have enjoyed reading about Boone as he is the last of the “gang” to find love. Everly had a wonderful childhood and despite friends and family concerns she married a man who emotionally beat her down which then escalated to physical abuse, and after each time he was very sorry as he begged for forgiveness. Although Everly went through this troubled time, she is very resilient and strong, I like that she is a bit aggressive when it comes to Boone, and their conversation about the night she took him home was humorous and very sexy.

As Everly investigates the past of the Dalton Gang, she makes Boone relive a most difficult period in his life, it was the reason he left Crow Hill and stayed away so long. I like how Everly wants to know the truth and she trusts and believes in the three men as she finds out some of their secrets. Boone is interesting, a strong hero with one big misstep in his past that has haunted him for years, I like how Everly helps him through the pain and I think they work well as a couple. My biggest problem with the story is how the men react toward Erin, I thought Casper was over the top in his anger about how she was treating Boone because of the story, but she handled it well and put him in his place.

The story is fast pace and even has a bit of drama and suspense as Boone’s past comes back to endanger Everly. I also enjoy how characters from the previous two books are prominently featured in this story which makes it nice as we get to continue their story. I have enjoyed other books by this author and I look forward to more.

I give Unforgettable by Alison Kent 4 stars!

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