Perfect Fling by Carly Phillips (Serendipity #5/ Serendipity’s Finest #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Jove

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Erin … The Good Girl Assistant District Attorney, Erin Marsden, is Serendipity’s quintessential good girl. The only daughter of the ex-police chief, she has never made a misstep, content with her quiet, predictable life … or so she thinks. Until Cole Sanders returns to town with heated interest in his eyes and shadows in his past.

Cole … The Bad Boy After seven years of deep undercover work in New York City, Cole returns to Serendipity to help his aging father and to find his moral compass once more. Not to get involved with wholesome Erin Marsden. Even as a rebellious teen, he knew a girl like Erin was off limits and that hasn’t changed. But neither one of them can resist their off-the-charts chemistry and a one night stand brings complications neither Erin nor Cole expected. The Attraction … Off the Charts! Then Erin’s current case plunges her into a killer’s crosshairs. With more at stake than anyone knows, Erin succumbs to Cole’s take-charge attitude. As a bodyguard, he’s the best. As a lover, he’s even better. But there’s more than the matter of Erin’s safety at stake. And Cole must forgive the sins of his past and prove to himself – and to Erin – that he’s capable of the love and the forever she – and their baby – desperately need.

This is a wonderful continuation of the Serendipity series, as we meet new and interesting characters and revisit the familiar ones we love that inhabit this small town. I have enjoyed each and every book and look forward to more as the author knows exactly what heart strings to pull and then builds up both sexual tension as well as emotional angst that make an enjoyable read.

Erin Marsden has always been the good girl, she is the Assistant D A in this small town and is always doing what others expected of her, which is not surprising since her father is the ex-police chief and her brother is the current police chief. Although no one knew at the time, she did make one small exception to her good girl character, a one night stand with bad boy Cole Sanders after her brother’s wedding. They tore up the sheets and then basically have ignored each other for three months. Unfortunately there is a complication from that night and she is not sure how to tell Cole.

Cole truly enjoyed his one night with Erin but he knows that he is not the type of person that she needs in her life, he dropped out of the police academy when he was younger and disappeared, not many know where he has been or what he has been doing all this time, most assumed the worse including his father and they steer clear of him. It is not until Erin’s life is in danger that the truth comes out and although Cole keeps his distance emotionally, he is very protective of Erin and will do anything to keep her safe when his past comes back to haunt him and threatens Erin.

This is another emotionally charged book from Ms. Phillips that continues a series that I love. I have read all the books and what fun it is to revisit the charming characters and meet new ones. Erin is great, on the outside she may have portrayed the good girl image however she has some bad girl traits that make Erin a perfect match for Cole. I really enjoy how Erin treats Cole and the situation; she is free with her feelings toward him and wants to show him what life would be like if they were a couple, of course Cole believes his is unworthy of a person like her so the push and pull of their relationship is intriguing.

The plot progressing is fast paced and I enjoyed both the romance between Erin and Cole and the suspense that works well with the story. A bit of danger is always a great way to throw the hero and heroine together to see what happens.

I like how past characters interact in this book, of course her family is close so her brothers are always around, but the others that show up, including Nash and Kelly, play key roles. I like Erin’s friend Macy as she gave us a few good laughs and I hope I see more of her in the future. Cole’s relationship with his father broke my heart and it was interesting to see how he reacts to him in a time of need and I was a bit surprised about the choice Cole made when he needed to be in two places at once. Not that it was a bad choice, just not what I would have expected from a protective alpha male.

While the book is part of a continuing series, it can be read alone but the characters in this town are so enjoyable, I would recommend reading them all. I am looking forward to more, Erin’s brother Sam is up next and I am excited to see the woman that will shake up his life, I know she will be up to the challenge.

I give Perfect Fling by Carly Phillips 4.5 stars!

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