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Good morning everyone! Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind is now actively looking for an additional reviewer! To apply to be a reviewer simply email me (Nikki) at nmulder81 at hotmail dot com. Include a short paragraph about yourself, what types of romance you’re willing to read and give me some writing samples…both for a book you liked and a book you did not. If you write reviews on Goodreads links to those is fine as well. You must be able to read e-books as well as physical copies because a lot of the requests the blog gets would be digital. You may also review books you own or buy yourself (in fact it’s encouraged). Being active on Twitter &/or Facebook is a plus but would not necessarily discount you…I will however try and bring you to the dark side. 🙂 I will get back to those I’d like to talk to further.

Also make sure you read our guidelines page and make yourself familiar with the layout in which we do our reviews because you would be expected to do much of the same. Reviewing is about the love of books so please do not reply if you’re just actively trying to get free books. I spend a good chunk of money every year buying books, paying for giveaways, ect….it’s a hobby and something I do because I enjoy it. Nothing more.

Along with your reviews you may be asked from time to time to write a post on a subject related to books or contribute to a post I or one of the other reviewers may be writing. You may also be asked to do a joint review at some point as well. I am open to most all topics involving the romance world, authors, tropes, genres…ect.



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