Dire Distraction by Dee Davis (A-TAC #7)

Dire Distraction by Dee DavisAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

As the commander for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Avery Solomon is the best of the best. He’ll stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his team, but when a mystery from the past resurfaces, he puts himself directly in the line of fire.

After years of covert missions, Avery harbors regrets that continue to haunt him. He still blames himself for his wife’s death fourteen years ago-until an A-Tac operative finds a photo that suggests Avery’s wife may still be alive. Determined to discover the truth, Avery heads deep into the hostile territory of Southeast Asia, ready for danger and violence-only to find himself captured by desire . . . 

Wilderness guide Sydney Price never backs down from a challenge. She has her own reasons for wanting revenge against the men being hunted by Avery. Though she tries to deny her attraction to the tough, handsome warrior, the spirited Sydney soon finds him impossible to resist. Now she and Avery must work together to uncover the truth-and stay alive. But as the enemy closes in and old secrets unravel, the line between partners and lovers vanishes like mist in the jungle . . .

Dire Distraction is book 7 in the long running A-Tac series and readers finally get some closure to the series story ARC and Avery finally gets his HEA. This book was one that was a long time coming…maybe too long because I found the ending too easily achieved.

For quite awhile I have rode this train, each book saying the same thing…for a mastermind the criminal element was lacking. It seemed to limp along in each book, barely functioning and I wondered, how the hell had they not caught the leader of The Consortium yet? Why was this so difficult? I mean the guys at the helm were constantly screwing up. Now with the leader, Micheal, having acknowledged his personal vendetta against A-Tac and Avery in particular, I figured that this was it. We’d finally get some closure and let this series go. Hopefully I am correct.

When A-Tac finally figures out who has been yanking their chains for all this time and catch up with them, it’s all over fairly easily. I didn’t find it suspenseful in any way and thought that the protagonist wasn’t very well done. We get his back story but not once did I find myself worried. He just wasn’t big and bad enough for me. He had all his minions doing his dirty work for him so his only strength seemed to be in getting other people to work for him. He needed to be more hands on, more sadistic…more scary. The crescendo wasn’t nearly big enough for a closing book.

The romance between Avery and Sydney seemed to be an afterthought to the author. This was mostly a black ops story with the romance added in to satisfy the “romantic suspense” genre. It took quite a long time for either Avery or Sydney to acknowledge their attraction, mainly because Avery was grappling with the idea that after many years his wife might not actually be dead as he believed. This created a wedge between the characters that was hard to surpass. It’s hard to create a budding romance with a ghost in between the characters. As a result Avery and Sydney go from nothing to “I love you” in record time and I found it completely unbelievable.

I think, at the end of the day, I was just hoping for more. I felt there were avenues that could have been better executed and a romance that could be better evolved.


I give Dire Distraction by Dee Davis 2.75 stars



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