Legacy Of The Highlands by Harriet Schultz (Legacy #1)

Legacy Of The HIghlands by Harriet SchultzAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Cottage Press, Inc

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Young, good-looking, successful and wealthy. Will and Alexandra Cameron had it all until the night he went out to buy ice cream after an evening of passionate sex and never returned. When his body is discovered in a nearby Boston alley, the only clue to his murder is a Scottish sgian dubh dagger left beside it.

Will’s grieving widow finds refuge in the Miami villa of his best friend Diego Navarro, who has the means, power and temperament to solve the puzzle and to avenge his friend’s murder. The sinfully handsome and charming womanizer’s feelings for Alexandra run deep, and he becomes equally determined to win the devastated widow’s heart. The attraction between them grows as they follow leads from Miami to Buenos Aires and Scotland, unraveling the Cameron family’s centuries-old secrets.

This is the first book in the Legacy series and it is full of intrigue, danger and romance, all the things I love about romantic suspense. The characters were engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When Will Cameron goes out late one night to get ice cream he never comes home. His wife is puzzled by who would kill him; unaware that there are forces from hundreds of years ago that has brought this horror upon the Cameron’s.

Diego Navarro was best friends with Will, they were still working on a project together when he died but a few months ago they had a falling out. Their families have known each other for years, before the boys were born and they held a secret that tore two best friends apart.

When they find Will in the alley, there is a Scottish dagger left by his side, it was not used as a weapon but as a sign for the Cameron’s. Will’s father, John used to funnel money illegally to a group dedicated to the independent nationhood for Scotland called The Group of One Hundred but he did not like the violent direction the group was taking and turned them in causing several go to jail which made this blood feud fall directly on the Cameron family.

After the funeral Diego takes Alex to Florida to get away and as they try to find out who killed Will they grow closer together and their attraction turns to love. But when they travel to Scotland to learn more, secrets are revealed that bring danger to both Alex and Diego.

This book is non-stop action from beginning to end as we follow Alex and Diego as they try to find out who killed Will. There are so many twists and turns throughout the story that it keeps you turning the pages until you find the answers. Along with the suspenseful premise is the romance that blossoms, Diego has been in love with Alex for many years but has never crossed the line and even now he waits until she is ready. I really like Diego, although he is a bit of an arrogant alpha, he really cares for Alex and wants to protect her.

Diego and Alex have great chemistry together and I love how their attraction grew as they spent time together and came close to danger. I like the secondary characters as they are all interesting and have their own stories. I liked Serge, he is Diego’s bodyguard but he has much more depth and I enjoyed getting to know him. The only problem I had was that there is a lot of filler in the book as Alex spends time by herself in Florida waiting for Diego to come home but the action definitely picks up as they go after Will’s murderer.

The immediate story line finishes up with this book however there is a greater story arc that continues with the next book and I was glad I was able to read without hesitation.

I give Legacy of the Highlands by Harriet Schultz 4 stars!

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