A Legacy Of Revenge by Harriet Schultz (Legacy #2)

A Legacy Of Revenge by Harriet SchultzAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Cottage Press, Inc

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

When a fourteenth-century Scottish oath leads to murder in present-day Boston, the victim’s devastated widow seeks revenge. Determined to find and punish the person who killed her husband Will, Alexandra Cameron joins forces with his best friend, Diego Navarro.

The handsome, wealthy and powerful Argentine never expected to win Alex’s heart, yet two years after the senseless killing, their love blazes with heat and passion. Their bliss is threatened by a Scotsman who blames the couple for the death of his son — Will Cameron’s murderer. The ruthless predator targets Alex and forces the deadly game of revenge into its next round.

This is the second book in the series and raps up the story arc remarkably. We pick up the tale two years later with Alex and Diego living together in Boston enjoying their lives yet they know that someday they will have to confront the threat that still lingers.

Even though they have had relative peace for two years, she is scared when Diego leaves on business and because of the unknown Diego has hired Alain, a Frenchman who keeps to himself most of the time but is good at what he does and protects Alex while she is working at her shop.

While Diego is in Argentina they hear that James Mackinnon has been released from jail, his son is the one that killed Will two years ago and they know that he wants revenge for his own sons death by Serge. With Diego visiting his ailing father they are alerted that Mackinnon has been spotted in Boston so Alex decides to travel to Argentina for safety. While there, Sebastian who is a friend of Diego, comes to a party with a new girl who turns out to be Mairi from Scotland, she never knew how deep her father was involved with this violent movement, so agrees to help Diego, Alex and Serge who she met in Scotland.

As Diego and friends get closer to finding Mackinnon, the danger ramps up and when Alex goes back to Boston because of her business, Mackinnon is waiting for her.

I really enjoyed this second installment of the story which although has much of the danger and intrigue as the first, this also really focuses on Alex and Diego’s relationship and how they will take the next step toward togetherness. They definitely go through some struggles as he deals with his father’s aging and she must decide if she is ready to break from Boston. They also have the issue of John Cameron, Will’s father and friend of Diego’s family, as there is history and secrets that are divulged, yet John does come through in the end and helps because of his Scottish contacts.

As before I enjoyed the chemistry between Alex and Diego and the friendships of both Serge and Sebastian as they help find Mackinnon. I believe this book is not as fast paced as the first but it does keep you turning the pages, especially toward the end when the drama heats up. The only problem I found was that I thought Alex was a bit unreasonable with Diego at times, getting angry at him for things that were out of his control, but they are both very stubborn.

Even though the story continues from the first book, the author does explain the history of Alex and Diego and what happened to bring everyone up to speed, yet to get the full experience I suggest you read both as they are great together. This is a wonderful romantic suspense with some interesting Scottish history.

I give A Legacy of Revenge by Harriet Schultz 4 stars!

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