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authorThe characters in Hers to Choose took off on their own paths shortly after I gave them names. I love when that happens. It’s like they were there all the time, waiting for me to find them. Bryn is so conflicted, loaded down with self-criticism about her past. She’s hiding out, feeling overwhelmed. Alex, on the other hand, is a take-charge type, ready to do what he can to help his cousin Dan. Except Dan is busy suffering and doesn’t want any help. It’s not hard to see Dan as a complete ass. By the time I wrote the end of this book, the second book (His to Lose, about Dan) was already writing itself. I struggled with a lot of Dan and Alex scenes—I didn’t want them to hate each other.

But I’ll have to stop talking about them. I don’t want to give anything away about what happens in this book.

Writing believable sex scenes is, to me, so very important. And it doesn’t take much to mess it up. In a conversation about fight scenes, an author told me how he acted out the movements so he’d be sure his description fit reality. Well, you’d probably feel a little weird acting out sex scenes, but I do go through a step-by-step process in visualizing what the characters do. Like, can his arm really be there?

I’m just thrilled to be writing at this time in history. Until recently, sex scenes in most books hid behind closed doors. I hated that fade-to-black point in a story. Why was (and still ‘is’ in some venues) it acceptable to describe the details of violence, hate, fear, anger, and greed, but not the details of touch, desire, and love? Now sex scenes keep the bedroom door open, show readers the tingle of flesh and follow through to the sweaty finish. It’s about damn time.

Hers to Choose coverHere’s the blurb:

Bryn McClure is running out of time. With foreclosure in the last stages, she’s about to lose the beloved twelve-hundred acre Ozark farm she inherited from her grandparents. Her desperate last hope is to sell hunting rights for deer season.

Alex Cannon is running out of options. After a humiliating discovery about his wife, Alex’s cousin and property development business partner Dan has spiraled into a life-threatening depression. Alex hatches a brilliant idea of what might help Dan, and on advice from an old friend, contacts Bryn. A hunting trip might be the perfect route to a new outlook for Dan, especially with the extra touch Alex wants from Bryn.

When Bryn agrees to Alex’s special request, she’s thrilled not only with the promise of badly needed income, but also with the prospect of bondage and discipline. Her appetite for kink has sharpened during her lonely year of rural living. It seemed like such a good idea when she agreed to it.

But standing on her porch watching these two gorgeous men climb out of their truck and walk toward her, she thinks maybe she hadn’t fully appreciated how complicated things could become. Alex stuns her with his warmth and charm, but the cold and angry Dan is the one she’s supposed to submit to. By the second day, when the first spanking sparks her passions, she realizes she may be in for more than she expected.

Hers to Choose is an erotic romance including ménage and other sexy activities that would make your grandmother faint. This is the first of two books in the Cannon Cousins story.


Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Miss McClure…” He had been talking while her mind drifted off.

She brought her gaze back to his face, trying to focus on the flinty stare and thin line of his lips. “Sorry, I was distracted. And can’t you call me Bryn?”

“I’ll try, but generally I prefer a more formal approach in business dealings. It keeps the relationship clear.”

“Like, you in charge, the other person in submission?” The words popped out before she edited herself. Her eyes grew large as she watched his face go through a change of expression. A slight smile hovered at the corner of his mouth.

“Yes, something like that. Might I get a refill?” He held up his empty glass.



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