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Jennifer-7emailThank you so much for having me. And since I never show up to a party empty handed, here’s a kiss *swak* for you my smexy vixen! (*MUAH, love ya Jen*)

As a follower of Chaotic Mind, I know how you guys love your sexy romance. Heck, we all need a little heat to keep our lives interesting, but as a writer, I’m new to the romance genre. A virgin, if you will *laughs* (that ship sailed awhile ago!). And venturing into this new experience I can’t help but compare it to one’s own sex life. Or at least a good sex life. And let’s hope it lasts longer than a few minutes!

I write YA but when TMP offered up a new category romance line, inspiration struck, allowing me to get my groove on. My sweet groove on. So, I pulled on my big girl panties and set out to write My Brother’s Wedding. I wanted to lose my V-card as well as my main character, Allison Daughtry.

Like any good romance, you want it to start out slow and sweet. Tender touches, longing glances, sweet brushes of lips against bare skin. For me, I couldn’t jump write into writing erotic romance or even writhing body sex scenes. After all, my YA characters usually held hands, swapped spit or allowed hands to roam beneath clothing. Now my main character’s girly parts tingle when the guy with smoldering dark eyes looks her way. My journey is a slow build…foreplay. My Brother’s Wedding allowed me to tease, tempt and urge you to want more…kind of like when a guy gives you that panty dropping kiss and then stops for now reason. You want more and you’re gonna get it.

I haven’t made that jump into naked bodies but I can promise you a sweet, funny, shake your head and laugh story that has allowed me to get my romance groove on. What will I write next? Will it be sexy? Who knows? I am working on something new that crosses into the bedroom…a bit.

But until that comes out here’s a sneak peak at my newest release, My Brother’s Wedding.

revMyBrothersWedding_LG-08192013Allison Daughtry is catapulted into a past life when she returns to her childhood home to attend her brother’s wedding. Bombarded with memories of a night she’d shared with Ryan Johnson, her reason for leaving and forever crush, she attempts to navigate her feelings while maintaining a fake romantic relationship with her best friend. Complicated emotions surface and Allison struggles to remember what’s real.

My Brother’s Wedding is available August 26, 2013 at Smashwords or wherever you purchase your e-books.


“Allison? Is that you?” His voice danced along her skin. Her lashes fluttered as her name fell from his soft, plump lips.

He closed the distance between where she sat at the table and the doorway. Without allowing her a second to stand on her own, Ryan scooped her up from the chair into a hug.

Allison’s eyes eased shut as she breathed in deep. If her brother smelled like home, then Ryan smelled of sexy men and nasty thoughts.

Her arms didn’t reach the wide circumference of his shoulders as his doubled around her waist lifting her from the floor. The pleasurable squeeze released a squeak. A memory from six years prior rushed her, causing heat to flood her cheeks. She wondered if he remembered. She’d never forget the simple gesture. A gesture she replayed for the past six years.

Sooner than she wanted, he set her down on her feet, releasing his hold on her body. She stumbled but regained her composure before anybody, she hoped, noticed. Warmth radiated from her face and she wondered if she looked feverish.

“Ryan. Ryan Johnson.” Allison stated. His name melted like chocolate in her mouth. In high school, she’d practiced greeting him in her mirror. Her gaze would linger a second after she’d say hello, revealing her intentions. Or whatever the latest Cosmopolitan magazine explained. A copy she snuck from her mother’s bedroom while she was out grocery shopping.

Despite all her preening in the mirror, she never practiced the goofy, long lost girl from high school red faced smile.

“It’s so good to see you.” Her hands itched to wrap around his body again.

“Ryan. Man. Grab a plate before Mom’s food is all gone,” Adam offered between bites of his second helping. She wondered how long she and Ryan hugged.

“I will, but first…I don’t think we’ve met.” He offered his hand to George.

Allison stared at Ryan. When she woke from another fantasy from high school, she noticed two sets of eyes turned her way. She blinked a few times and looked from face to face and back to Ryan’s turned body.

“Oh. That’s me. My bad,” she stammered. “Ryan, this is George. He’s my…”

“Boyfriend from Chicago,” Adam chimed in. “They work together too. Blah, blah. Now grab a plate.” Her brother resumed his scarfing of beef and potatoes.

You can find Jennifer Anderson chilling out around the Twitter cooler at JenniA8677 or visit her website at

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  1. Great post 🙂 I haven’t had the chance to read any of Jennifer Anderson books, but this sounds good. Thank you for the chance to win a copy

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