The Knight’s Temptress by Amanda Scott (Lairds Of The Loch #2)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

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Reviewer: Pam

When Lady Lachina “Lina” MacFarlan of Tùr Meiloach and her new sister-in-law, Elizabeth, are captured by seditious villains who have seized the royal burgh, harbor, and castle of Dumbarton, the two young women unknowingly throw a hitch into the plans of Sir Ian Colquhoun, the daredevil knight of the realm who is on his own secret mission to recapture Dumbarton for the King of Scots.

Instead of securing Dumbarton, Ian must first rescue the women and return them to Tur Meiloach. Their journey will be perilous—especially because Ian has long admired the lovely Lady Lachina, and for the first time she seems to show signs of returning his attentions. But for Ian duty must come before desire. The fate of the King of Scots and Lina’s own father rests in his hands. He cannot afford to be tempted by anything—even the promise of Lina’s love.

This is the second in the Lairds of the Loch series and continues the saga in the time of Jamie, King of Scots and the struggle of land ownership, politics and love. This is more about the history of Scotland with a wonderful romance between two engaging people weaved into this tale. A must for Amanda Scott fans as she does not disappoint with another story from a forbidden landscape.

Ian Colquhoun enjoys his life as a knight of the realm and is busy with duties for Jamie, King of Scots. He will eventually succeed his father as the Colquhoun and does not feel the need for a wife now. He recently returned from a visit with Jamie and he plans to recapture Dumbarton Castle from James Mor who keeps it for his rebels.

Lina MacFarlan and Lizzie Galbraith are out for a ride when they are captured by the rebels and taken to Dumbarton, James Mor plans to use them as collateral to get the Colquhoun’s and

MacFarlan’s to side with him. Fortunately Ian hears about the girls, visits them to see that they are treated well and decides that when the talks fail between his father and James Mor, as he knows they will, he has plans to rescue them.

Ian’s father is angry with the rescue because it jeopardizes the neutrality he has always pretended to have with James Mor. Ian takes the girls back to Lina’s family at Tur Meiloach where they must face the danger that Dougal MacParlain, a rebel, brings when he asks for Lina’s hand in marriage, and forces Ian to marry her instead.

What a wonderful picture Ms. Scott weaves through her writing as she brings ancient Scotland alive for us with interesting characters and intriguing old Scotland politics. Ian and Lina knew each other growing up and have always had a friendship that included teasing and fun, and although Ian has not seen Lina in several years things have not changed and they fall into an easy bond. The chemistry and connection between them would have eventually lead to marriage but was hastened because of the danger. They are truly perfect for each other and there was never any angst between them other than an argument or two because she is a bit stubborn and not very obedient. There is definitely heat between them as Ian teaches her the art of love on their wedding night and oh my, he is very dominate – whew.

The secondary characters are also a joy as we get to see Mag and Dree again along with others in the family. I enjoy the family dynamics in the story and look forward to seeing more with the next book as it looks like Lizzie may get her story. The plot progression is well paced and does continue the overall story arc that began in the first book. The only problems I have is that I want romance to be the main story line and although I know how this author writes, I do miss it. You could read this as a standalone but there are a lot of characters and history to catch up on and the author does go into a lot of detail as she takes us into the land of ancient Scotland.

I give The Knights Temptress by Amanda Scott 4 stars!

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