How To Tame A Wild Fireman by Jennifer Bernard (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #4)

How To Tame A Wild Fireman by Jennifer BernardAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Avon

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Nikki

The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel have a rebel among them, and there’s only one woman who can put his flames out. 

Firefighter Patrick “Psycho” Callahan earns his nickname every day. Fast, fit, and a furious worker, he thrives on the danger which helps him forget a near-tragedy that changed his life forever. But when his off-duty carousing gets out of hand, Patrick is sent back to Loveless, Nevada, where the wildfire threatening his hometown has nothing on sizzling Dr. Lara Nelson.

Lara would rather be thought of as the physician who returned to Loveless than as the misfit brought up at a hippie New Age commune. But right now she’s focused on her job at hand, patching up injured firemen…until the past hits her in the hard-muscled, blue-eyed form of Patrick Callahan. Now, the embers of their decade-old attraction have ignited into a full-on inferno, as the bad-boy firefighter and the good doctor take a walk on the wild side they’ll never forget.


How To Tame A Wild Fireman is book four in Bernard’s “Firemen” series but as the first book I have read by her, I can say you can read this one with ease. No worries about an ongoing story arc or confusing points from previous books.

When I picked this one up I was craving a solid contemporary romance that gave me quirky characters, maybe a little laughter and some steamy scenes. Bernard does a good job achieving these but I did feel this one could have been cut down in length a bit. It might have been better served as a novella instead of a full length book. There were several times throughout the book that I got the wandering eye syndrome. I wanted to skip ahead because I felt the story line had gone stagnant.

Patrick was booted from his family years ago by his incredibly strict father after an accident that nearly claimed his autistic brothers life.  Now a successful fireman with a reputation for erratic behavior, he’s come home to help fight a wildfire threatening his hometown. But the fire isn’t the only thing he has to face. His brother’s best friend Lara has also come home and she’s no longer the goth teen from his memories.

Lara didn’t want to come home on such sad circumstances but the death of her aunt has left her no choice. Her aunt has willed Laura a sexual retreat center and she has no idea what to do with it. The place caused her ridicule throughout school but she is reluctant to give it up once she’s back. Seeing Patrick again stirs in her both anger at his leaving and excitement that the tingle his presence brings is still there.

I enjoyed how Bernard weaves in a bit of comedy into a book that overall had a serious tone. The addition of the sexual retreat and the women who worked there often made me smile at their frankness and funny names for everything. I especially enjoyed when Patrick and Lara try to include the quirky lingo in their sexual escapades…that had me cracking up! Add in a love struck llama…and you’ve got yourself something I’d never read before.

The seriousness and drama filled Callahan residence did seem to overshadow all the fun stuff at times. It gave the book a heavier feel than I tend to like. Or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it. It was just a lot to include and overshadowed the budding relationship of Patrick and Lara often. When it was just the two of them, I liked that much more. They had great chemistry and once they finally got together the scenes were sigh worthy.

I will definitely be back to check out more of Bernard’s work. She’s got a voice that intrigues me and well…firemen.

I give How to Tame A Wild Fireman by Jennifer Bernard 3.25 stars!

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