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Five Things That Turn Me Off from a Romance Novel



Hi All,

I’m sure we could all write blog posts on what we love about romance novels so I wanted to do something different. I wanted to share what turns me off from romance as a reader. Remember, these are just my personal opinions. What I like or dislike might be completely different for others. But I thought it would be cute to share five things that ruin a romance novel for me.

Mean Heroine:

I see this a lot when the romance heroine is a black woman. For some reason people believe that a strong black female heroine should be mean. I cannot stand a mean heroine, and for me it seems completely unrealistic for a hero to be in love with someone so standoffish and cruel. I’m not a reader that has to relate to every character, no. But I have to be able to stand the character whether they are the hero, heroine, or villain. I don’t have to like them, but I should not cringe when they appear on the page. Mean heroines are a huge turnoff and I end up rooting against her instead of for her.

Wimpy Hero:

Ugh. No woman in real life wants a wimpy man so we sure don’t want to see them in a romance novel. If you must have a wimp in the story, he certainly shouldn’t be the hero. Some novelists try to make the hero sensitive but end up making him wimpy in return. Just like I can’t stand a mean heroine, I can’t stand a hero that lets everyone walk all over him. Wimpy hero makes me put a book down quick.

Purple Prose:

You can’t see me but I’m scrunching up my nose. Whenever I read a book with flowery, purple prose I just roll my eyes. It makes me think the author is too busy trying to impress with how many times they used their thesaurus, instead of actually writing a story. And purple prose in love scenes? Uh-uh. Most times I end up giggling because the writing gets so corny and cheesy. I like to read books where I don’t have to analyze tons of metaphors to know what’s going on.

Lack of Tension:

Yes romance books have to have tension. Every book has to have some type of tension. Tension is what makes readers turn the pages. I am ADD when it comes to books so an author must get my attention quickly. If you haven’t grabbed me by the first chapter (sometimes first page), I’m putting the book down. Sorry, but it’s true.  Tension is essential to gain my interest. It doesn’t matter what kind of tension, but it must be there.

No Chemistry between Hero and Heroine:

This will kill any romance. The characters must have chemistry above all else. You can always tell when the author forced the characters together because something just doesn’t feel right. When a couple doesn’t have chemistry it’s like something is missing. The worst thing that can happen in a romance is that the main characters make the readers yawn. Reading a romance novel that lacks chemistry between the characters is about as exciting as reading a block of wood.



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Type: Interracial Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Peace In The Storm

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When Albany Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris learns that Cuban crime lord Milan Varela wants her estranged father dead, she heads off to Miami to find out why. With Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews and her ex-lover Detective Steven Kemp she devises a plot to get close to the Varela organization.

Brianna finds herself attracted to the older Milan and falls deep into his web of seduction while fighting to keep her mind on her mission. Milan is equally drawn to Brianna and vows to win her trust and her heart.

Is Milan really the villain when it comes to Brianna’s father? Or is he the victim?

Is Brianna’s father really in danger or is there more to the story than anyone could ever imagine?

Brianna risks her life to save her father’s but will she end up losing her own?


The Wild Life (excerpt):

“What do you expect me to say, Steve?” Brianna sat beside Jayce. “I don’t even know what’s going on.”


He bent over her. “Can’t anything go well for you, woman? Why do you keep getting yourself in these predicaments?”


“Oh excuse me for coming home and finding a man in my kitchen!”


Jersey tugged on her ears. “I have a huge headache and one of my officers has just been attacked. The last thing I need is for you two to argue.”


Steven and Brianna made faces at each other.


“We’re worried about you, Morris. Tell us what’s going on so we can help.”


“I don’t know if you can help.”


Davis slunk into the room and rested at Brianna’s feet. She scooped up the brown feline.


“The guy that tried to kill me…” She scratched Davis’ ear. “Well he worked for Milan Varela.”


Steven gaped. “What the f*** did you just say?”


Brianna shrugged.


“Are you f***** kidding me? A man who worked for the head of the Southern Cuban Mafia was here? Here?”


“I was telling Bree that a friend of mine in the FBI might be able to help her,” Jayce said. “It’s about her father. They’re looking for him.”


“George?” Jersey’s green eyes beamed from behind her glasses. “What the hell would the Cuban Mafia want with George?”


“No telling. You know the life my father lives. It’s full of risks and he makes no apologies for it.”


Jersey touched the back of her neck. “How the hell could he even get close to Milan Varela in the first place?”


“So this is the type of stuff your father’s always into?”


“Jayce my father has never been a father to me. He stays gone for decades at a time and pops up probably once every ten or fifteen years when he wants something. I wonder if he even remembers he has a

daughter half the time.” She kissed Davis’ head. “Right now what’s important is this mess he’s got going with Milan. Why would he want my dad dead?”


“I just can’t believe this. I mean your dad has been involved in some shady things during his life but nothing like this. What are you gonna do, Morris?”


“As much as I hate him, I can’t let anything happen to him. I gotta find out where he is.”



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  1. Electricity between the two main characters – I must feel it.

    I need to care about these characters – fall in love with them.


  2. Two things every romance I read has to have:
    -Believable (and likeable) hero and heroine. I see a trend lately with douchey heroes. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what woman finds a domineering douchebag attractive- in real life or on the page.
    -Heart. And not the cheesy kind. I want real emotion, not just going through the motions.

  3. I also hate when I don’t like the hero/ heroine. If I can’t connect with the characters, I’m not going to read the book.

  4. I MUST feel, the characters need to pull me into their journey. I also LOVE a screwed up character, I don’t know why but it sucks me in.

  5. I almost always dislike the heroine at first but FLOVE the hero (much to my friend Coco’s chagrin)! It takes me a long time to warm up to the heroine but IF I do then it takes a book I really, really like to a whole new level!

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