To All The Rakes I’ve Loved Before by Anne Barton (Honeycote #1.5)

To All The Rakes I've Loved Before by Anne BartonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance – Novella

Publisher: Forever Yours

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

After being jilted by her former beau, Miss Amelia Wimple retreated to her Mayfair town house and her ever-growing collection of gossips rags. Now, almost two years later, not even her beloved cousins, Rose and Olivia Sherbourne, can persuade her to give love another chance. But an unexpected midnight caller may open her heart once more.

Lord Stephen Brookes is the prince of pleasure, the duke of decadence-and it seems his exploits have finally caught up with him. When Stephen comes to Amelia seeking refuge, she can’t deny him . . . or the intense desire he sparks. As he attempts to heal her broken heart, they indulge in a private passion unlike anything either has experienced. Stephen knows sweet, sensual Amelia is meant to be his one and only. Now, he will do whatever it takes to convince her that a rake really can change his ways.

This is a sweet and delightful novella that continues the Honeycote series. I enjoy the characters Ms. Barton creates along with a feel good story about re-joining the living after heartache.

Amelia Wimple has kept herself secluded ever since “The Jilting”, as she calls it. She does not want to associate with those that gossiped about her after a humiliating fiasco when the man she thought was going to propose to her sent a note instead and eloped with another.

Her mother is gone for two weeks and everyone in the house is breathing a sigh of relief, her mother is very overbearing and the staff appreciates the respite. While she is enjoying a night of solitude, Lord Verrington (Samuel), comes to her door in the middle of the night looking for help for his friend Brookes. Samuel is the man who left her two years ago and although she has not seen him lately, she is willing to listen.

Lord Brookes (Stephen) is a roguish man about town. He was severely beaten by unknowns and Samuel is trying to find a place for him to recuperate without others finding out what happened. Amelia agrees to help Stephen as he was there for her two years ago when Samuel left her.

As she helps with his wounds, they get reacquainted and find common attraction. Stephen makes some decisions about his life and he wants to include the lovely Amelia.

What a short and sweet tale about finding yourself. Stephen was already tired of the life he has created as the second son who thought only of gambling and women, the ton know him as an unfeeling person, but I like how Amelia knew him differently. He wants to deserve her so sets about making things right. I like the two together and think the chemistry is believable although they fall in love very quickly. Amelia is living outside looking in, as she reads the gossip columns and creates her own stories. It is funny how each chapter starts with a headline starring herself. She has felt humiliated all these years but not realizing others are over it, she just needs a push, something Stephen and her cousin’s Rose and Olivia give her.

Although I felt sorry for her at first with a mother that would make anyone cringe and the fact she knew that Samuel only wanted to marry her for money but I like how she eventually grows to become a strong woman. I did want to see her resolve the issue between Samuel, it kind of felt unfinished between them. Yet I enjoyed her cousins and several other interesting characters and hope to see more of them in future stories.

All in all a cute, sweet novella that continues the series as we wait for the next book.

I give To All the Rakes I’ve Loved Before by Anne Barton 4 stars!

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