Friday Afternoon by Sylvia Ryan

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Lyric 

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

“You have to catch me first.” – Mia

BDSM never gets old.

Before kids and the responsibility of life, Levi and I shared a spontaneous, erotic, and deliciously deviant marriage. Years transformed what we had into something comfortable and worn. It hurts me to think his desire for me has cooled. I miss that look of his. Slightly evil and totally hot, like he wanted to devour me. Haven’t seen it in ages.

When I first married Mia, she submitted to every one of my erotic needs. Then came the children. With little complaint, I abandoned my pursuit of kink, content to be married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who’s a great mother to our twins. Out of the blue, Mia confesses she misses the intimacy in our marriage, misses the sex. After this enticing revelation, my plan to reconnect with her unfolds.

In our secret, kinky, Friday afternoon meetings I’m going to give her everything she wants and take everything I need. Will this be the answer to fixing our marriage?

Friday Afternoon is a unique look into a BDSM relationship and what happens after marriage and children. While I kind of resented the idea that children ruin a sex life I also have to agree with it just a little. Maybe “ruin” is a harsh word but there is definitely less sex in the years that follow the birth of a child. Add in another child 2 or 3 years after the first an that can complicate things even further. By the time you notice something is wrong it’s hard to fix it. You’ve grown accustomed to the routines. The monotony.

Mia and Levi enjoyed a very amorous BDSM relationship up until Mia got pregnant with their twin daughters. Now, years later, they are left with an unfulfilling sex life with no BDSM elements. After a particularly bad session of sex Mia is left to wonder if Levi could possibly be cheating on her because he appears to not be attracted to her anymore. When she confronts him, he vehemently denies having an affair and in the course of their discussion they discover they’re both yearning for what they had when they first met. A D/s relationship.

Levi and Mia, over the course of their secret Friday meetings, reconnect on a level they weren’t even aware they had been missing. During their afternoons they aren’t parents. They are man and woman. Husband and wife. They learn ways in which they have changed and ways in which they have stayed the same. It was pretty profound to follow them on their journey back to each other and the role their sexual natures played in that route.

Ryan does a really good job at making her characters engaging and real. I think a lot of couples probably deal with things like this over the years. While it wasn’t always realistic (I mean who is able to take every single Friday afternoon off) it was wrote well and I never found myself bored or pulled from the story by being annoyed at something. I look forward to more from Sylvia Ryan in the future. She’s definitely an author to watch.


I give Friday Afternoon by Sylvia Ryan 3.50 stars! 

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