Bullet To The Heart by Lea Griffith (No Mercy #1) & GIVEAWAY

Bullet To The Heart by Lea GriffithAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Taliesin

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

She was born to love then taught to kill. She has become everything but is no one. 

Known only as Bullet she was long ago forced to shed the name her parents gave her. Changed, molded and trained to kill with sharp-shooting efficiency she is one of The Collective’s most valuable assets. In a cadre of killers, Bullet is death waiting but her time for vengeance has come.

He was loved and then he lost. He has become a hunter in search of revenge.

Everything was taken from Rand the day a bullet ended the lives of his beloved wife and daughter. He has searched for their killer seven long years and may have her in his hands. Rand has suffered but now the time has come to make The Collective pay or die trying.

Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Vengeance draws them together but before all is said and done they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

Every year I read countless books. I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years now. That’s a lot of books people. Hundreds. So listen every carefully to what I am going to say next. Bullet To The Heart BLEW THEM ALL AWAY. It is most definitely my favorite book this year….it might even be my favorite book since I started blogging. Hell….I dunno, I’d say it’s up there with my favorite books EVER.  It’s gritty, heart breaking to read and incredibly dark. You need to know going into this one that it is NOT an easy read. You’ll be pissed. Incredibly pissed at what Bullet (and her sisters) went through…what she continues to go through. The first chapter of the book sets the tone for the entire thing and by the end of it I was nearly as broken as the characters themselves.

Bullet has known only death since she was taken from her parents as a small child. She’s been trained by the best to be deadly and emotionless. Her work is who she is. Her sisters in death are who she protects. Nothing else matters. Now, years later she’s decided it’s time to finally break free. To do so she needs the help of a man whose family was killed by her boss. She’s more machine than human in the beginning. Stripped of her emotions and trained only in destruction, she’s unsure how to function with people. Her instant awareness of Rand is nothing she’s ever felt before but he’s awakening her protective,  human side. She’s complex, sad and angry…very angry…and hell bent on bringing down the man responsible for her training and the deaths of so many children along the way.

Rand is bent on his own form of vengeance. He’ll stop at nothing to bring his family’s killer to a bloody end. When he’s approached by one of the groups elite assassins he’s instantly weary. Bullet calls to him on a level he thought long died and buried with his wife and child. Unable to acknowledge their attraction he treats her horrifically regardless of her injuries sustained in saving his life. He’s cruel and way more alpha-hole (alpha asshole for those who don’t know what that means) than I am used to. There were times I thought I’d never warm up to him and believe him the hero Griffith was trying to convey. I understood his need to exact revenge. I even understood his assumption that he’d finally laid his hands on the one directly responsible with Bullet. But his actions….*shudder*….it was just way more than what I was expecting. Griffith goes all in with her characters and stays true to their emotions, no matter how gritty and dark they may be.

Bullet is extremely calculating and though Rand wants final shot at the head of her group, it soon becomes common knowledge Bullet has other plans. Her and her fellow assassin sisters have a plan all their own and no one is getting in their way. Each woman has a specific skill set and deadly demeanor. Bonded through years of torture and training these women count on no one other than each other. Even then they are more loner than group. I’m sure as the series progresses my heart will break for them individually but for now they are simply scary, dangerous women who seem to always be watching.

The love/romance aspect between Bullet and Rand starts out more violent then gentle. Rand is pissed he’s even attracted to a “killer” and Bullet isn’t sure how to even act because of her lack of knowledge. It’s rough and tumble. Slightly caveman-ish even as they both fight each other on every level imaginable. I will warn you now that you will not get declarations of love from these two. Bullet is simply not in a place to even begin to understand how to process those feelings. However, actions always speak louder than words. What’s not vocalized will be more than made up for in the end. Trust me.

Lea Griffith is a masterful story teller who just made my instant buy list. Bullet To The Heart is an incredibly well done, heart-wrenching story of redemption and revenge. If I could give this a million stars I would. I love it that much. I will be impatiently pacing around till the next book releases. Arrow To The Bone is book two and hopefully it comes out soon because I NEED IT.

I give Bullet To The Heart by Lea Griffith 5 stars! (And a million honorary stars)

**GIVEAWAY – I have one e-copy of Bullet To The Heart to give away to a random commentor here. Giveaway open to everyone until 10-14-13 @ 11:59pm EST with winner announced shortly after**


  1. Wow! This is “some” review! Glad I checked into this blog today to try and win this book. Almost too late. Romantic suspense is my addiction…and this one sounds like it will be an “end all beat all” story. Thanks for the introduction to Lea Griffith!

  2. Hey hon! It has been soooo long! Thank you for the invite. I am glad I found it 🙂 Now this is a review. If I don’t win, I am going to buy it. I won a Amazon gift card, this seems like the perfect book to spend it on. Thank you so much hon. I can’t wait. Hope you are having a great weekend 😀

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