I have an addiction

I have a problem. I need help. Truly. I am addicted to books. I can’t keep my hands off them. I now have several piles waiting to be read AND library books sitting aimlessly around the house. I probably tick off the rest of the people waiting for those library books to come back because I tend to have to renew them. Hey, I can’t read all the time, I do try to have some sort of life. So, if they have to wait a few extra weeks, so be it. Sue me. I’ve been there.

Other people hang out in bars, not me, I hang out at Borders. If we had a Barnes and Noble closer I’d hang out there too. I can spend hours there. Even if I don’t have any money…which I don’t. While I’m there I just start writing down titles to check my local library for when I get home. You’ve heard me complain about our library before, they suck. I usually get home and end up cursing the fact that I don’t live somewhere like NYC where I’m sure the library has every book ever printed. Those that I can’t find at the library then end up on my list of “To Be Bought….Someday”. Or maybe “To Be Suggested To My Friends That Have Money So I Can Then Borrow It” list. Hey, a reader has got to do what a reader has got to do. Don’t judge me.  Those lists, by the way, are extremely long.

My husband calls me an “author groupie”. I think that’s just a nicer way to say stalker..HA. Which totally isn’t true. Ok, maybe I hang around on cool authors blogs and comment on 9 out of 10 posts. Maybe I enter contests and make my writer cousin enter contests for me as well. But guess who has the won signed books and who doesn’t…that’s right, me :). My goal is an entire shelf, one from every author whose blog I lurk on. It’s like my own personal bucket list.

It could be worse…..at least it’s not crack…..

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