Black and Blue by Gena Showalter (Otherworld Assassin #2)

Black and Blue by Gena ShowalterAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

He is every woman’s fantasy…

Corbin Blue is a man of many talents. One of the most powerful otherworlders ever born, he is wealthy, a professional football star, and a legend in the bedroom. But only a select few know he is also a black ops agent…and there is no better killer. When he and his crew are attacked and separated, he’s forced to turn to his boss’s daughter for help—a woman with even more secrets than Blue.

She becomes his only obsession…

Evangaline Black has always been wary, guarded. No man has ever breeched her walls. Until Blue. He has never been denied something he wants, and now, he’s decided he wants her. As he sweeps her into his double life of seduction, intrigue, and danger, he helps her see beyond the darkness of her own past. But as an enemy closes in, Blue will have to let Evie go to keep her safe—even though he’d rather die than live without her…


This is the second book in Showalters newest series and though I enjoyed aspects of it I find that I’m still not on board with these characters and am undecided as of now if I will continue.

Black and Blue takes place at the same time as book one, Last Kiss Goodnight, at least in the beginning. While the overlying story arc does a lot of progression in this one I, at times, still felt completely in the dark. For whatever reason I just can’t connect to these people and story.

When the story focused on Blue and Evie I found I enjoyed the book much more. They appeared to be polar opposites but soon found they had a lot in common and in ways were very Romeo and Juliet-esque. Warned to leave her alone Blue fights his attraction to Evie valiantly for quite a while. In order to keep his distance he is constantly sniping at her and trying his best to upset her cool retorts. He’s constantly calling her names..some of which did make me laugh. She calls him all kinds of names too and I found it made them seem a bit more personable. Evie blames herself for the death of her sister several years prior and when pressed, finds she cannot stop herself from reentering the assassin business to help Blue take down whoever is behind the attack that separated him from his brothers and her from her father.

As Blue comes to understand his feelings for Evie he finds he wants more with her than he ever has with other women in the past. His playboy reputation has gotten many undercover jobs done but he secretly wants to shed that persona and be more for Evie. I loved his protective side emerging in respect for Evie, even though he knew how capable she was an an assassin in the past. That drive to keep her safe made him even more likable…if there’s one thing I love, it’s the fall of the mighty hero.

There is some action but I found it to be too far in between. It must be my unconnection to the story line but I was bored, so bored in between scenes where Blue and Evie were duking it out, sex scenes and action sequences.

I like the idea behind these brothers and their matriarch (Evie’s father) but unfortunately I’m having a hard time with the execution. John’s book is up next and I find that even though I haven’t actually “liked” the series up till now that I’m a glutton for punishment and kinda want to read it. I know I know…I’m the first to be “why do you keep reading a series you don’t like girly?”..BUT BUT BUT John is scarred and filled with rage and I normally gush all over those heroes….so I find that I want to read that one and see what happens.

I give Black and Blue by Gena Showalter 3 stars

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