The Way Home by Cindy Gerard (One Eyed Jacks #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Gallery

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Four years ago Jess Albert got the news that her husband Jeff was killed in action in Afghanistan, and a painful void entered her life. The more time passed, the more acutely she felt that emptiness. But when Tyler Brown, former military hero and all-around alpha male, shows up a year after she’d last seen him, Jess gradually begins to realize there is one thing that can make her feel whole again—love.

As they’re planning their wedding and new life together, Jess receives shocking news: her husband is alive, under the care of a young Afghani woman hiding him from the Taliban. Even as he sees their happily-ever-after slip away, Ty arranges for the One Eyed Jacks and Black Ops, Inc. teams to make a daring and dangerous rescue mission to bring Jeff home. The hardest thing Ty or Jess has ever done is to let the other go.

When Jeff returns to Jess, broken physically and emotionally and with no memory of their history, they try to heal their marriage and each other. But as time brings them together more as friends than lovers, an unexpected development helps them see the true way home, to the people they love.


This will be a short review because I really don’t have much to say. I really enjoyed book one in this series, Killing Time, and so I was really hoping those warm fuzzies would continue with The Way Home. We briefly meet Tyler in book one and his cocky, fun loving attitude really brought him alive and made him memorable. However, The Way Home severely missed it’s mark with me. Mainly because the book is two different stories that don’t cross paths until much further along in the book than I would like.

Told her husband died at war 4 years prior, Jess has had a hard time moving on. Until Tyler shows back up in her world a year after she helped him and his buddies avert some very bad guys in her sleepy lake community. Now she’s slowly re-awakening to the emotions she’s kept locked deep inside and Tyler is the key. Her emotional fragility wars within her but Jess decides to overcome her obstacles and her objections and allow herself the freedom to feel happiness again. She was an easily likable character and I did feel for her when she’s placed in a horrible position but I wished she would have had the courage to voice her feelings and opinions much earlier than she did.

On the other side of the world a soldier with no memory is being cared for by an Afghani woman who can’t stand to see him suffer. Even knowing the grave danger she’s bringing upon herself if the Taliban find out she’s harboring the man they are searching for, she continues on and slowly the two fall in love against all the odds stacked against them. When the soldier learns he has a wife who thinks him dead he feels honor bound to return to her but neither him nor Jess is happy and they feel the guilt deeply. The emotional discussions were one ofthe few things i thought this book did well. Once it finally got around to it that is.

I wanted to like The Way Home but I found the split story lines just didn’t capture my interest. Had these been novellas I think I could have grown to enjoy both couples but with them rotating chapter by chapter I just couldn’t get into it. Add to that the “fade to black” sex scenes and lack of action and I barely made it through this one. I was bored.  I’ll come back for book three to see if I can rekindle my passion of this series, but this one, The Way Home, I can’t recommend.


I give The Way Home by Cindy Gerard 2 stars

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