Karolyn James Guest Post – Brothers Of Rock Series

I love creating ‘Top 5’ lists… so let’s do something about writing and something about Halloween!

This is my ‘Top 5’ pieces of advice for aspiring writers:

1. Read a LOT of books. A lot of different genres and authors, too! There’s nothing quite like picking up on as many authors, styles, and stories as possible.

2. Write a LOT. This is obvious but you’d be surprised how easy a writer can be distracted. The key to writing is to just shut up and write.

3. Turn off the ‘net. This kind of goes with Number 2 but it’s still true. We need to cut the cord – the internet cord, duh – and just put our butts in seats and create something.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail. Trust me, sometimes things are just going to not work out. That’s life. Move on.

5. Enjoy the craft, the art, and the business. Find a way to enjoy it all!

This is my ‘Top 5’ favorite things about Halloween:

1. CANDY! Come on, who doesn’t love the idea of it…

2. Costumes! I don’t dress up but I love to see the creative costumes.

3. The weather! I crisp leaves. The smell of the air.

4. Everything pumpkin! Coffee… bread… pie…

5. It means Christmas is just a couple months away! 😉

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About The Author:

Karolyn James is the author of several bestselling series. With over 100,000 ebooks sold, Karolyn has seen success in both romance and in erotic romance. Her current series include the smash hit Brothers of Rock romance series.

Don’t miss the first part of the series following rock band, Chasing Cross!

Book One – All Access
Book Two – Broken Sound
Book Three – Bitter Farewell
Book Four – Buried Notes
Book Five – Last Song (coming soon!)

Recently announced – coming 2014: The Brothers of Rock series will continue with five more books following rock band, Fallen Tuesday!

Karolyn James also writes under the pen name, Claire Charlins, writing western romances. Upon releasing the first book in the Mail Order Romance series, West For Love, the book shot straight to the top of the Amazon Kindle charts! The second book in this mail order bride romance series is now available, titled Finding Love West!

Find Karolyn:


Amazon Author Page 

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