When Lust Rules by Virginia Cavanaugh

When Lust Rules by Virginia CavanaughAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Lusty dreams of a tall, muscular man with long dark hair have filled Julie’s mind for the last few months, leaving her wanting alone in her bed. It would be one thing if he was only a figment of her imagination, but he is flesh and blood and even asked for her phone number. But has he called? Hell no.

So when he shows up out of the blue at her job, she really wants to push him away. But there’s something primal and erotic about this man that calls to her. Luken is reluctant to get involved with a human female, but for some reason he can’t get Julie out of his head. He has enough on his plate with running his new pack, but the little blonde seductress presents a temptation he can’t resist. But when Julie’s past catches up to her, Luken is prepared to offer his protection, along with his bite, making her one of his own.

It has been a while since I’ve read a shifter book, and this was just the right one to help me jump back into the genre. It had a hunky, delicious hero, a spunky heroine and even though it was short, it had enough action and romance to keep me interested.

Julie works as a waitress, trying to move on after the disastrous marriage in her past. She has no intention of getting involved with another man, but that doesn’t stop the instant attraction she feels for the handsome, mysterious stranger she meets one night. The night Luken comes into the bar where Julie works, he doesn’t plan on becoming involved with a woman, let alone a human. He can’t ignore the pull he feels toward Julie, though, and despite the fact that she’s not his kind, he can’t leave without getting her phone number.

Julie’s nights are filled with erotic dreams of the sexy Luken and she is disappointed when she never hears from him again. Until one night weeks later when he shows up at her job, once again pursuing her. Anger pushes her to ignore him, but Luken is not a man to be ignored. What follows is a sexy push and pull between the two of them, and the way Luken courts Julie is sexy and romantic. He isn’t quite sure what it is about her, but he can’t resist. He tried to fight the attraction, because he knows there can’t be a future between them, unless he changes her and he has no idea what Julie would think of that.

The chemistry between Luken and Julie is explosive. The attraction they share burns up the pages, and makes what they feel for each other so believable. When Julie’s past rears its ugly head, Luken’s protective nature makes him that much hotter. He cares for Julie and wants her and will do whatever it takes to protect her. He doesn’t hesitate to invite her into the protective fold of his pack, and it is there the reader is given more insight into his character, and we get a feel for what his life is like.

My one complaint about the book was how easily Julie acquiesced – it’s no surprise that she was going to have to let Luken change her in order for them to have a future, but she both accepted his werewolf status and made the choice to join him almost too easily. A little bit of a freak-out would have been more believable. The fact that Luken’s wolf didn’t acknowledge Julie as its mate despite how much Luken the man wanted her gave the book a little more depth, and I liked the way the author worked that out.

When Lust Rules is a fast, action-packed read that gives shifter books a good name. There was nothing new or overly exciting about the storyline, but both Luken and Julie as well as the supporting cast of characters made the book interesting and enjoyable.

I give When Lust Rules by Virginia Cavanaugh 4 stars!

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