Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard #3.5)

Beautiful Beginning by Christina LaurenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance/ Erotic

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Back when not being able to stand each other also meant not being able to keep their hands off each other in Beautiful Bastard, neither Bennett nor Chloe could have seen this day coming.

An exasperated bride who just wants to elope. A determined groom whose only focus is getting to the wedding night. And—of course—a whole lot of name calling.


I have been in love with this series from the very beginning. Now here I am 3 full books and 3 novellas later and I’m saying goodbye to these characters who have sprung from the page in full technicolor and into my life. The Beautiful Bastard series is snarky, cracky and at times full on sappy sweet. What started as a quick office bang between Chloe and Bennett (and subsequent couplings of their friends) has come to this point, their impending wedding.

Chloe and Bennett are probably one of the best matched couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. They spend a lot of time bickering which translates to two incredibly turned on alphas who enjoy angry sex. Except with their wedding quickly approaching Bennett decides that they need to abstain from sex to heighten the anticipation for their wedding night. Something that sounded like a good idea at the time quickly becomes a test of wills and determination. Chloe tries everything she can think of to break him while Bennett resorts to drugging himself to avoid his bride to be. I spent a lot of time laughing at their hijinx and the chaos that seemed to surround them constantly. The best part for me though are the brief glimpses of sheer adoration from Bennett when he and Chloe are alone or he thinks no one is looking. Here is a man who completely loves his woman and knows her every feeling, need and want.

While fairly short at around 200 pages, Lauren does an excellent job of tying everything up while still providing readers with the signature overtly sexual situations Bennett and Chloe find themselves in a lot. Even with the sex hiatus Bennett finds ways of pleasuring Chloe and Chloe does her best to seduce Bennett without laying a hand on him. Beautiful Beginning was an excellent ending to a great series that I will recommend to anyone who loves contemporary erotic romance! Any book that ends with “Then seriously, Mrs Ryan, put my dick in your mouth” is one I can’t help but enjoy!

I give Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren 4.50 stars!


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