Unrestrained by Joey W. Hill

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Type: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley Trade

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Athena is an accomplished businesswoman in control of every aspect of her life. But since the death of her husband, she’s had the desire to explore submissive cravings she’s had for some time. Unfortunately, Athena is known as a Mistress, because that’s the role she’s always played.

Her type A personality was strong enough to serve her husband as a Domme because that’s what he needed. It’s not until she meets Dale, a retired Navy SEAL, that she attempts to discover what her own submissive desires are. But letting go of her control is not so easy. Fortunately, Dale is an accomplished Master who can help Athena live out her fantasies. And as she slowly surrenders to his touch, both of them will learn more about the nature of love between Dominant and submissive, and how it defies all expectations.

This is my first Joey Hill book and I really enjoyed it. In looking at her other books this one may be a bit tamer and more emotional than others, as it was all about Athena finding who she really is with the help of one very sexy dominate male.

Athena Summers was married for over twenty years to Roy, a man she loved very much and together they built up a large business, Summers Industries. She is now a very wealthy woman with control over the company that has locations in several countries and she also is very involved with many fund raising charities. When Roy was alive, they belonged to the Club Release a place that catered to indulgences that they were both fascinated with. Roy enjoyed being dominated and Athena fulfilled that role.

Until recently, Athena stopped going to the club, now she is back and is looking for something a little different , maybe to discover the other side, but she is scared. While visiting Release one day she watches a particular dominate male playing with a sub, something about him spoke to her. She watched until they were done and she realizes that this is what she wants to explore, with this man.

Dale Rousseau is a retired Navy SEAL who runs a non-profit organization for dogs. He was injured in the military and uses a prosthetic leg most of the time. Dale notices Athena right away and knows she is looking for something by the way she watches him and he is interested enough to find out.

What an emotionally charged story. I absolutely adore Dale and think he is amazing in all his dominate maleness. Athena is also a remarkable character as she struggles throughout the book to find who she really is and want she wants. When her husband was alive she believed she was a Domme yet Dale is aware of who she really is right away but she needs to be the one that recognizes it. The only thing she does know is that she wants to be dominated by Dale.

To find her true self Athena struggles, she thinks she knows, but is not sure, she even worries about how her friends at Release will treat her when she tells them her feelings, and she is right, they hurt her with their reaction. You can feel the emotion in her and she backs off, Dale is so patient, he is very dominate but right away their relationship is more of a couple falling in love than a Dom/sub. Athena also has trouble with her feelings for her deceased husband, she feels a little guilty for falling in love again, this was the only thing I had a problem with, that it took a long time for her to realize that she could love again, touch another man sexually and enjoy herself. Oh and did I mention the sex? Wow! Ms. Hill writes some amazing scenes that have you squirming in your seat. The two sizzle together as the chemistry between them is perfect. I am definitely adding this author’s books to my list to read as she writes characters that are engaging and delightful and oh so sexy. This book is a standalone and I do not know if this is part of a series, there are several secondary characters that I would like to meet again, Dale has a couple of sexy SEAL friends that might be interesting. I highly recommend.

I give Unrestrained by Joey W. Hill 4.5 stars!

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