Me? Guest blogger?

Today I am over at the fabulous Julie A Lindsey’s blog talking about Lucy Monroe’s new book The Sicilian’s Marriage Arrangement.

This was definitely a new experience for me. Usually I only wreck MY blog, but the thought of doing it to someone elses blog, well, kinda terrified me. I spent a LONG time writing that little review. Probably well longer then is normal. I even made the husband listen to it. Now, we all know my husband does NOT care about a romance novel. He sat there like a good boy though and nodded in all the right places. Which blew my mind because I interrupted the ever important Mario Kart game. When I was done talking he said “It was good”. I guess I have trained him well, even if he isn’t very informative. I am not a real writer, so writing up that review felt like a flashback to high school. Add in the time line that I promised to have it there by, yea, sweating bullets.  I have a hard time expressing how much I love something. I honestly thought about taking a picture of me hugging the book and sending that on over. Underneath would read “It was a good book, READ IT” I figured if I did that, Julie would never ask me back so I sat down to actually write the review I had promised. I must have been drunk when I did that.  Sent it on over to her when I was done and Voila! Had a glass of wine and went to bed. How real writers do this is beyond me. I was so nervous she was going to email me and tell me it was horrible and how dare I try to destroy the baby that is her blog. I encourage you to come on over and see me over there and leave a comment!

Julie A Lindsey-writer extraordinaire

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