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What Underwear Does Your Hero Wear?

Boxer Briefs, Boxers, Commando or Briefs

You’ll notice bikinis got left off that shortlist. I’m just going to let you work out that visual on your own so you can think about it.

Even though I have a husband and two sons, I’m by no means an expert on men’s underwear. The guys in my life seem to go after what feels comfortable to them. I’m pretty sure none of them care about my opinion on their taste. (In fact, I’m definitely sure it would disturb at least two of them to think I might even have one.) Fair’s fair, however. I don’t consult them when I buy my underwear either. It all sort of lands in the laundry basket and nobody comments.

But I’m talking about what my fictional characters wear here, and find I do have opinions when it comes to them.

So here goes.

When I was creating the heroes for my upcoming Demon Outlaws series, I had to dress them, but never really thought about what they had on under their clothes. Then I wondered (because yes, I’m like that). And I discovered each of my heroes wears something specific to him.

The Demon Outlaws series takes place on a dystopian Earth. While it’s futuristic, there’s a throwback feel to the frontier and the Wild West. The characters dress in period clothes, but with no real sense of style. They spend a lot of time fighting. They’re more interested in convenience.

Hunter, the Demon Slayer from Book 1, The Demon’s Daughter, is a boxer-sporting guy. He’s freedom loving, but still, he doesn’t like to be caught with his pants down. He hunts demons, after all. He likes to be prepared and no one wants to be fighting demons with their dingle dangle dangling a little too wildly. Those demons are dirty fighters. Come to think of it, so is Hunter.

Next up is Blade. He’s an assassin with a cameo role in The Demon’s Daughter, but gets a starring role in Book 2, Black Widow Demon. He’s definitely practical, tightie-whitie, but not so much uptight as he is self-contained. He doesn’t show his emotions to the world. He’s not really into showing the world anything else, either. He saves it all for the heroine.

Last but far from least we have Creed, a half demon assassin and the hero of the third book in the Demon Outlaws series, The Demon Creed. Creed is commando. He’s a hulking guy with a shaved and tattooed head. He’s also really, really beautiful. I’m working on his story right now so his character is still under construction, but there’s no doubt about the commando thing. He’s also the nicest of all the heroes in the series. He’s kinder and gentler, although the demon in him enjoys the occasional good fight. He’d be the guy you’d find walking naked from the shower to the kitchen because he discovers he’s thirsty, and doesn’t care there’s a party going on. Nudist. Totally. To him, underwear’s superfluous. I foresee some awkward moments for the heroine, who’s shaping up to be a bit more reserved.

All of this surprises me. I would have thought there’d be at least one guy who wears boxer briefs. The next time I plan a series, I’ll need to give this more thought.

So tell me. What do you think a hero should wear?

And really. Who wears bikinis?



9781622660445_FC (2)Available: Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Entangled

Find Paula: Website/Facebook/Twitter/Goodreads

Passionate and headstrong, half-demon Raven is nearly executed on the orders of her fundamentalist stepfather. She escapes from the burning stake using the gifts of her otherworldly heritage and the help of a mortal stranger named Blade. Now she’s set on revenge, and only quiet, intense Blade stands in her way.

A retired assassin weary of the weight of his past, Blade has crossed the desert to seek out a new life. His journey is interrupted when his conscience demands he help Raven find an old friend who can help her. Saving her from her need for revenge and delivering her into the hands of loved ones means he’s one step closer to redemption.

But as Blade’s sense of duty becomes something more and threats, both mortal and immortal, stalk the woman he can’t abandon, he could very well fall back into the life he’s trying so hard to escape.


Tidy towns often concealed dirty secrets. And this small mining town was too tidy for Blade’s liking. It was nothing like he had expected.

Nestled amongst the foothills of the Godseeker Mountains, it suffered from too-uniform construction and a general lack of aesthetic design. But after several months of crossing the desert alone, Blade’s standards were not all that high. He wanted a bath, a hot meal, and a soft bed.

A bed he could wake up in alone. The two-foot goldthief, one of the more dangerous variety of snakes in these parts, he had found in his blankets that morning had been an unwelcome surprise. Fortunately, Blade was neither a restless sleeper nor easily startled and possessed a great deal of natural patience. Once the sun came up on the desert, the well-rested serpent had slithered off on its own without incident.

Blade studied the mining settlement deep in the valley below from the outcropping of weathered sandstone. Layers of desert dirt coated the rooftops, painting the entire town a dull shade of gray. Beyond it, the hills rose to flat peaks of a vast rocky mountain range, sparsely forested with juniper and yellow pine. Narrow ribbons of silvery water streamed down to filter through sand dunes on the valley floor and irrigate the town’s gardens, ones that were now spent and shriveled by this time of year. Behind and above, past the top of the mesa, stretched the desert.

This bold new settlement had sprung up arrogantly close to what had, until recently, been demon territory. It possessed no protective ramparts, something Blade thought a serious oversight on the part of its founders. Demons might be gone, yet the world contained any number of mortal dangers.

When he considered his near-empty pack, however, and that this was the first sign of civilization he’d come across in several weeks, its proximity to evil and its underwhelming neatness was not enough of a deterrent. He did not know for certain what had drawn him back to this land of his youth, anyway. He’d had no particular destination in mind. Perhaps, after more than a decade away, it was time to lay old ghosts to rest.

He patted down his clothing to confirm that his knives were secure and at hand. He doubted if he would be recognized here, or if it would mean much to anyone anymore if he were, but he’d already received his second chance in life and he intended to treat the gift with respect.

A slight breeze stirred the warm, late afternoon air and he made a face—he stank, no doubt about it. If he did not get that bath, he could forget about finding the hot meal and soft bed. Although waking up alone would be guaranteed.

As he turned, he detected movement at the far edge of the town, near the dunes. From this distance it was difficult to say for certain, but it looked as if they were building a very large bonfire. He wondered what they were celebrating.

Shrugging his pack higher on his shoulders, he picked his way off the outcropping. Once on the valley floor, he carefully circled the town to approach via the main street that cut through its heart. It was time to go home.


Paula Altenburg lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and two sons. Once a manager in the aerospace industry, she now enjoys the freedom of working from home and writing fulltime. Paula currently writes paranormal romance and category romance for Entangled Publishing. 


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  1. Great post. I’ve never really thought about this either unless it’s brought up in the book itself. I prefer commando. It’s easy access 😉

  2. I have to admit I don’t tend to think much about men’s underwear. I know commando is popular in books, but I have to wonder how comfortable that is. Seems like heavy jean material and seams would be kind of rough on certain delicate body parts.

  3. I love this book and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holidays season! evamillien at gmail dot com

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