More Than A Touch by Alexis Morgan (Snowberry Creek #2)

More Than A Touch by Alexis MorganAvailable: January 7, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

In the town of Snowberry Creek, there is always hope….

Wounded in combat, Leif Brevik is haunted by survivor’s guilt. For the first time in his life—unsure if he still has a military career in his future—he feels completely lost. So when a war buddy calls for help with restoration of their fallen brother’s house, he jumps at the chance to regain a sense of purpose.

Zoe Phillips is assigned to monitor Leif’s physical therapy while he’s in town. But she’s a former military nurse, and she senses that his wounds are more than just physical. As she pushes the handsome soldier to open up, the connection between them deepens beyond the professional facade she tries to maintain. And as Leif begins to put down roots in her beloved hometown, Zoe realizes that maybe having him around is exactly what she needs to heal her own wounded heart as well….

Small town romances are such enjoyment for me, I like how the characters are close, the feel is warm and welcoming yet there is still the drama of family and friends. More Than a Touch is the second book in the series and takes place immediately after the first, as the town still deals with the death of hometown hero Spence.

Leif Brevik was injured at the same time Spence was killed, and has come to Snowberry Creek to heal physically and mentally, plus he plans to help his friend Nick with the renovation of Spence’s home, Leif’s leg is in terrible condition and although he has plans to re-enlist, the doctors have not given him any timetable or guarantees, so his future is up in the air.

Zoe Phillips meets Leif at a party Nick and Callie have, there is an immediate attraction and Leif looks forward to seeing her again, unfortunately the next time they meet is at his physical therapy appointment. Zoe is a nurse practitioner and in charge of his therapy, much to the dismay of both, as she does not believe in mixing business and pleasure.

As Leif works his way through therapy they form a friendship that has both of them moving toward something more, but there are obstacles in the way that the two must get through.

More Than a Touch is an enjoyable romance filled with proud military men and women who have found a place to heal. Leif has gravitated to this small town because of Spence and Nick; he wants to help honor Spence with the remodel of his house, turning it into a Bed and Breakfast. I like the camaraderie between Nick and Leif and how they keep their friendship close to the heart, not to mention the fun they have. There are also several secondary characters that are truly enjoyable, Mitch the hometown football star that is in therapy with Leif and also his partner in some playful trouble they get into, and Isaac, the trainer who uses humor as well as tough love on his patients.

This is a quiet romance, the story centers around Leif and his therapy along with how he is coping with the PTSD he ignores until one night of drinking gets out of hand and the local police help him find a councilor. Leif and Zoe meet several times but nothing really happens between them for most of the book, there is an attraction but Zoe refuses to act on it because of their working relationship and Leif does not push. I am not even sure they are meant for each other until the end as I did not feel the chemistry between them until late. They both also have issues that need dealing with, most of it related to their service overseas, and not only does Leif need to go through some counseling but so does Zoe. There is not a lot of conflict in this; there is a nice resolution of a problem from the first book and of course the push and pull of Zoe and Leif’s relationship, but as I said, quiet.

I do like the series and the preview of the next book is very exciting, one I am definitely looking forward to reading. Even though this part of a series, the book can be read as a standalone as the author updates the reader as she introduces characters from the past. All in all this was an enjoyable book; it just did not blow me away.

I give More Than a Touch by Alexis Morgan 3.5 stars!

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