Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliott (The Hellions of High Street #1)

Scandalously Yours by Cara ElliottAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Pam

Proper young ladies of the ton—especially ones who have very small dowries—are not encouraged to have an interest in intellectual pursuits. Indeed, the only thing they are encouraged to pursue is an eligible bachelor.

Preferably one with both a title and a fortune. So, the headstrong, opinionated Sloane sisters must keep their passions a secret. Ah, but secret passions are wont to lead a lady into trouble…

This is a very enjoyable start to a series about sisters who are all a bit different from the usual young ladies of the ton. They are a bit too intellectual and outspoken for most, which makes for an engaging read. I am looking forward to seeing what trouble the other two get into as the series progresses.

John, the Earl of Wrexham resigned his commission from army to take care of his son, Prescott (Scottie) when his wife died. It has been two years and his sister thinks it is time for him to remarry. He has found a young woman who might suit but she is hard on his son and he just can’t seem to commit.

Olivia Sloane is the oldest of the Sloane daughters, she is very outspoken and opinionated and society calls her a hellion. She has two younger sisters, Caro and Anne. They are all more worldly and outspoken than other women of the time and they are a hoot to read about. John and Olivia’s first two encounters are interesting and left him a bit speechless, but intrigued. It is not until Scottie writes a letter to the newspaper asking for a new mom that things get interesting.

What a delightful story, full of humor a bit of danger and of course romance. I adored Olivia, she is a modern woman in a society that does not know what to do with her, the ton call her a hellion and treats her as the wallflower she portrays. She writes for a newspaper under an assumed name, she travelled with her progressive father and is a thorn in her mother’s side. She makes a great partner for John, and although he was not sure what to think when they were together, I like that he wanted to spend more and more time with her. The relationship between them starts with a more intellectual feel as they talk about their mutual interests yet develops into more, the chemistry is slow in coming but their connection is very believable.

I also love the relationship between the sisters; there are many laugh-out-loud moments when they are together, such as when they are trying to explain to Caro how Olivia knew John was aroused, hilarious. Their interactions and supportiveness are endearing, a true sisters bond and since Anne and Cara are just as quirky as Olivia I know their stories will be wonderful. I also enjoyed John’s son Scottie, he is a cute boy of ten with Lucy as his best friend and he seemed to be the instigator of several adventures.

The plot took on the familiar Sleepless in Seattle theme and as this is one of my favorite movies, I enjoyed the fun. There is some drama and a bit of danger but it is settled quickly with not much action. Overall Scandalously Yours is a thoroughly enjoyable romance, with a modern day feel and a historical setting. I am looking forward to Anne’s book with the dashing and mysterious Devil Davenport; I am very interested to see what his story is, as he was always going off somewhere, never to get involved.

I give Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliott 4 stars!

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