My twitter quest


Twitter is strange. Maybe I just don’t get it yet, I don’t know. A few months back I jumped on the twitter bandwagon to follow one person. You see, I’m a pretty private person. My facebook page consists of only people I know, except for a select few. I don’t put myself out there in the cyber world too much. But following one person soon became old. So I added a few more. Then a few more. Then 300 hundred more. I follow lots of people now. Not many follow me, to be expected, I’m not very interesting. I am a mom, a worker and I guess now, a blogger. I get asked if I’m a writer all the time. I direct people to this blog so they can figure that one out for themselves. Ha NO.

I’m learning so much about different industries now. Talking to up and coming writers and my current favorites.  Entering lots of contests that I never would have heard of. Maybe that personal bucket list I have can now be achieved. I won’t have to bug Cynthia Eden as much now. MUH, love your work Cynthia! Ha, as if she is reading this. Doubtful. However, in doing this I’m expected to converse back. Don’t want people to think I’m a spambot or something like that. That’s hard for me. I am trying though, so hopefully my tweeps (haha) will give me a little time. And when I bug them to know what a #ff is or any of the other signals I know nothing about, they will forgive me.

For my part, I will try to be funny, witty, and generally interesting. This is gonna be a long road…


  1. I actually love twitter. I have met real friends on the network — friends who I’ve come to meet and love. I joined twitter to help get my humor writing out there, and it has helped a great deal. But it’s a great place to meet people with whom you share common interests. There are some not nice people. I thought they were okay, but it turns out I was naive, so I put them aside and try not to dwell on them. Good luck with your twitter journey and feel free to DM or shout to me. Donna 🙂 dtcav on twitter

    1. Hey Donna! Wow your my first comment from the twitter world! THANKS! Im slowly getting over my fears. I don’t know why I try to remain annon b/c if you go to google and type in my name Im literally everything on the first page..damn the uncommon last name Brandyberry hahaha. I love your blog BTW, I was cracking up.

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