Burn For Me by Cynthia Eden (Phoenix Fire #1)

Burn For Me by Cynthia EdenAvailable: January 28, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Brava 

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Under Fire

Eve Bradley was undercover looking for a story, not a cause. But something about the man they called Subject Thirteen got her involved. The scientists said he was a devil, and they had a decent case: Terrifying power. A bad attitude. And looks that could lead anyone to sin. . .

Cain O’Connor knows the minute he catches her candy scent that Eve could drive him wild. But she’s a threat–in a way no one has been for him in years. She’s safer away from him, too. But with a powerful conspiracy determined to shut Eve up for good, there’s no time to argue. All they can do is trust their instincts–and their hearts. . 

I’ve reviewed nearly every book I’ve ever read of Cynthia Eden’s and I always fear that I sound like a broken record because I’ve said every good thing I could ever say about her work. Each book blows me away with its intensity, its action and its mind blowing characters. Each hero becomes my favorite until I pick up the next book. It’s a vicious cycle for me…seriously…a …vicious…cycle. 🙂 A cycle I look forward to because Eden’s words never fail to mesmerize me from beginning to end.

Being undercover isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Eve is learning that the hard way after trying to free Subject Thirteen from his prison. Now at the mercy of a mad scientist she’s been thrown to the wolves….or to whatever Subject Thirteen is. Except Eve has some secrets of her own and she’s not nearly as defenseless as she looks.

Sold out by a shifter, Cain patiently waits for his retribution against those who hold him captive.  Used to nothing but pain he is unprepared for the sweet smelling woman whose attempting to save his life. She doesn’t seem to realize she should be fearing him and his flames. No one knows what he is because he’s a myth. Eve is quickly becoming his salvation and the only thing that may be able to actually kill him.

The thing that always stands out to me in a Eden romance is the incredible alpha males she creates. They are over the top, sexy hotness on a stick that any woman would love to have protecting her. Eden plays to the emotions of the female race and gives us exactly what we want. Strength, protection and unwavering loyalty. Burn For Me is laced with enough action to keep your heart in high gear and has a story line that is expertly crafted.

Eve, though not entirely “paranormal”, has a few tricks up her sleeves which come in handy when dealing with her mythical phoenix Cain. Things she certainly doesn’t announce to the word but that has the mad scientist after them very intrigued. He seems to think Eve may be the key to Cain’s undoing and he may not be far off from the truth. Cain is quickly becoming obsessed with Eve and her aversion to his flames just draws him closer to her in a quest to answer his questions. He’s used to being alone and having to work with Eve as his feelings for her grow both confuses and enrages him. His protection instinct goes into overdrive and even when he rises from the ashe again and again he still retains that knowledge that she is his and his alone.

There aren’t a lot of phoenix books out there that I’ve read and so I knew going into this one that my interest would be piqued. I always enjoy a new shifter or anything dealing with mythology and who better to give me that than one of my most favorite authors? Eden delivers yet again with Burn For Me, a pulse pounding, sex driven, thrill ride of story sure to please!

I give Burn For Me by Cynthia Eden 5 stars! 

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