The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy Woodhull (Samantha Lytton #2)

The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy WoodhullAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Total E-Bound

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

If you can’t beat them, join them… and then beat them.

Samantha Lytton, foiler of evildoers and roller-skate enthusiast, is back! What has she been up to since the events of THE DIMPLE OF DOOM? No big whoop—just being a movie star.

Samantha has just arrived in London to film her first leading role. Sam, would-be Picasso thief and lover, joins her to rev up her engine in the bad-boy way only he can. Life is full of sexy good times, money, and prestige galore! What could go wrong?

Ha ha—everything.

After a kidnapping attempt, Sam nobly dumps Samantha for her own good, the jerk. No matter, for Samantha is a successful woman of the world now and (after only spending one day lying on the floor and sobbing on her cheeseburgers) she jumps back into actress-mode with her sexy co-star Daniel Zhang. Hot movie star = best rebound ever. She barely even thinks about what’s-his-name—until his evil ex-girlfriend shows up and gives Samantha an ultimatum she just can’t refuse: steal a priceless artefact from the museum or die.

Is Sam in cahoots with the wicked ex? Can Samantha rob a museum and film a movie simultaneously? And why isn’t a lady allowed to marry both a gorgeous Oscar-winner and an equally alluring criminal?


At the end of book one, The Dimple of Doom, I wasn’t sure where things stood between Sam and Samantha. After the debacle of a caper in book one Sam had to leave Samantha..but as book two opens we find out he was never far and that they’ve been hooking up on the side as Samantha’s acting career has taken off.

The Dimple Strikes back is just as manic has the first book and at times seems like Woodull was on something when she wrote it. It’s hilarious and basically like a giant stream of consciousnesses from Samanatha’s perspective. Her writing style is definitely something you have to get used to and it can pull you from the story if you let it, but overall I enjoyed this romp into craziness.

Sam is trying his best to get out of the thief business  as Samantha shoots a move in England with an incredibly sexy co-star who seems to want to sweep her off her feet. Past business partners of Sam are intent on keeping him in the life by threatening Samantha’s life and it seems to be working. He’s still secretive and you never know what is really going on in his head at any given time. As Samantha bumbles through the attacks, her movie production and yet another thieving caper she also finds out more about Sam than she knew before…which is awesome since she knew very little.

There are points in the book that dragged and I really wish Sam would stop leaving Samantha “for her own good” because when they weren’t together I was less invested in the story line. I’m less interested in her budding movie career but love that it opens a bunch of new doors and locales that would have been closed had she still worked in some office building on the west coast of the US. I’m not sure where Woodhull plans to take these characters but honestly, that’s the best part. The unknown because with this author it can go anywhere.

Lucy Woodhull is an author you need to experience to understand. Her funny, energetic take on writing will make you laugh and swoon while constantly keeping you on edge.

I give The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy Woodhull 3.75 stars!

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