Bite Me by Shelly Laurenston (Pride #9)

Bite Me by Shelly LaurenstonAvailable: March 25, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Brava

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots. When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise.

That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up. But he’ll have to woo her at high speed: all hell is breaking loose, and Livy is leading the charge…

Whenever Shelly Laurenston releases a book I’m all over it like a hooker on a John…for real, this woman hasn’t wrote anything I’ve disliked. Her Pride series is probably her most popular and definitely the longest running series of hers to date. I first found this series between the aisles of my local library, and from the first book I was hooked. Now here we are, 9 books later and it’s still a series that is going strong!

Livy’s book is one I had been looking forward to because her animal was a closely held secret for awhile before coming to light in book 8 as a honey badger. One of the unique things about a Laurenston book is her variety of shifters she uses. Being an avid shifter romance junkie I can tell you that once in a while a girl wants to read about something other than various forms of cats and wolves. Laurenston feeds my cravings with different species of bear, hyena, jackels and now with Livy, a honey badger.

Not only that but Laurenston also gives her readers hybrids…which in other books generally doesn’t mean much. Usually in other shifter romances if the parents are not the same the child will only take after one of them. Not so in these books. These hybrids are extremely large mishmashes of BOTH animals which creates a very strange but delightful mental picture. In Bite Me, the hero, Vic, is a bear/tiger mix and when he shifts he becomes a variation of the two. He’s fearsome and both sides of his heritage constantly war with themselves. The bear likes to analyze and take things slow, the tiger wants to hunt and attack.

Livy is a loner, a past thief and generally in a sour mood. She rarely allows people into her life with the exception of her best friend, Toni and strangely her hybrid friend Vic. Her family doesn’t understand her need to be anything other than a thief yet her photography is the most important thing to her. Unfortunately her photo mojo is on what feels like permanent hiatus and the death of her father, and subsequent family reunion don’t seem to be helping.

Across the past few books we’ve learned about someone lurking in the shadows using shifters in a hunt to the death game. Though they’ve never been able to catch the people responsible for hunting their kind, they have been narrowing down the fields. In Bite Me we learn much more about those behind the atrocious acts and everything from the last few books comes together as surely as Livy and Vic do. Livy’s own father has been murdered and now that an entire clan of honey badgers are on the trail, things seemed to get done a lot faster then in the previous books. Simply because honey badgers don’t follow rules. They live and die by their own alliances and Livy’s entire criminal family have all come together to eliminate those who may have had a hand in his death. Vic is determined to keep Livy out of harms way but also to help put an end to this case.

One of my favorite parts of these books, Bite Me included, is the dialogue between characters. They are so snarky and over the top with their personalities. Livy is such an awesome character. She’s a fighter but deep inside she also wants love, surprisingly from Vic who she hadn’t seen as anything other than a friend before. Yet when they’re alone, she craves him even though she tells herself it’s a bad idea. Vic doesn’t necessarily see the harm in starting something with Livy, yet he’s unprepared for the depth of emotion she evokes in him. Or the fact that he suddenly wants more than just some sex between friends. These two work very well off each other and that fact results in some incredible sexy times.

As with every other Laurenston book there are a TON of reoccurring characters and because of that I highly recommend reading these in order. Without doing that you may find yourself lost because each character from the past books plays pivotal roles throughout the entire series. Plus…well…I just want you to read them all. 🙂

Bite Me is an excellent addition to this series and paranormal romance as a whole. Laurenston will keep you laughing and captivated with her colorful characters and intricate story lines!

I give Bite Me by Shelly Laurenston 4.50 stars!


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