Haunt Me by Lena Loneson

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Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Minerva Silence, TV psychic and fraud extraordinaire, can read them all. She’s not even aware that her gift is real until she’s confronted by the spirit of her late husband, and by the man who murdered him. Bram would do anything to protect the woman he loves, even from beyond the grave. But he needs her passion, her body’s response to him, if he’s to manifest and help her defeat the men who mean to kill her.

Was it just a coincidence that I finished reading this book on Halloween? It wasn’t exactly spooky, but I wouldn’t label it a romance either. Haunt Me is a step outside of my usual feel-good, happy ending genre, but I enjoyed it. It was a quick read but a unique storyline and the author’s writing had me intrigued from the beginning.

Minerva is a former aspiring actress forced to take a job as a fake “psychic” after her husband’s death leaves her basically destitute. His gambling debts were brought to light after his murder and she lost everything they had. Her television talk show combines her erotic persona with psychic gifts to bring in ratings – and money – and allows her to support herself now that she’s on her own. Minerva doesn’t like deluding people. Her psychic gifts on the show aren’t exactly real, but she does use her ability to read people successfully to give her insight into each audience member she “helps”. Sometimes she feels she is able to offer them a little bit of closure, no matter how fake it is, and that makes the deception a little more worthwhile to her.

What Minerva doesn’t know is that she actually does have some psychic talent. The voice she’s been hearing in her head for the past seven years is her deceased husband. She has thought of him, missed him and loved him ever since he died, and never realized that the conversations she’s had with him in her mind were real. Bram has spent the years since he was killed shadowing his wife from the beyond, enhancing his senses as a spirit to hear her, see her and eventually talk to her. Bram wishes desperately to be able to apologize to Minerva and beg for her forgiveness.

When the evil surrounding his death focuses on Minerva, Bram is determined to find a way to help her. He has honed his talents to the point where he can actually touch his wife, and he discovers in the midst of what she thinks is a sensual fantasy that their sexual energy makes him even stronger. It takes a while for Minerva to believe that what she thinks is her imagination is actually Bram manifesting himself as a ghost. She is thrilled to be able to talk to him, to feel him touch her and be able to touch him back, if only for a short while.

I liked the way the author portrayed Bram as the protective, loving but not blameless husband. The way he was able to communicate with Minerva was described well, and I liked that Minerva was skeptical at first. A lot of times in books with paranormal aspects, the characters just accept those elements and the reader is expected to as well. The sex scenes were romantic and very passionate, and the chemistry between them was hot! The climax with Bram’s killer was over almost too quickly, but for a book that was only 80 pages, there was plenty of action, love and romance.

I give Haunt Me 4 by Lena Loneson stars!

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