Alaskan Exposure by A.S. Fenichel

Alaskan Exposure by A.S. FenichelAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Finally recovering from a devastating divorce, Charley is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she’s offered a job shooting photographs for an Alaskan cruise catalogue.

Kyle loves his life. The ship’s playboy first officer has his future all worked out and it doesn’t involve falling for the beautiful new photographer.

The two find passion and comfort on the high seas and Charley learns the joys of being completely uninhibited when the partner is just right. But in eight short days she’s going to walk off the ship and Kyle’s going to start his next voyage without her. Can Kyle prove to Charley that they’re more than just hot sex? Sacrifice is the only way to stay together, but the price might just be too high.


Going into this one I wasn’t real sure what to expect. I had heard good things about Fenichel’s writing from my fellow reviewer Michelle, so I knew I wanted to give this author a try. I’m glad I did because though Alaskan Exposure was a bit far fetched, it was an easy one sitting read that hit my heart strings just right.

Finally starting to get back out in the world after her divorce, Charley finds herself being dragged onto a cruise ship by her friend whose support over her photography has spurred her into setting her sights a bit bigger than the average family portrait. Having taken a contract to get some fabulous Alaskan cruise shots for a catalog she just wants to do her job and ignore her friends attempts to help her get laid. Then she meet the first officer, Kyle, and unexpected sparks fly immediately. But his playboy ways are not something she wants to tangle with, especially not for the first time dipping her toes back in the dating pool. Kyle has other thoughts though and soon she finds herself consumed by him in every way she swore she’d never be again. Their love can never last, it’s just a fling and yet Charley finds herself secretly wanting more. With their whirlwind romance quickly coming to an end, can love find a way to survive the miles between them?

Charley and Kyle have a fast, often tumultuous relationship in Alaskan Exposure. Charley is constantly putting her foot in her mouth and insulting Kyle and his man-whore ways. Not that she didn’t have the right. I’d have had a hard time trusting a man who can get the booty from everything with an ovary on the ship too…but Kyle has this way about him that made me really like him. He was unapologetic about his past and honest about his growing feelings for Charley. In the beginning I felt kinda bad for Kyle because Charley was all flirt and no follow through, then she would insult him and try to run from him. I understood why she was gun-shy, coming off a bad relationship, but it was all so dramatic and exhausting. She obviously craved more from Kyle yet was having a hard time allowing herself to feel for fear of getting hurt again.

The relationship grows at an unbelievable rate, but then it was a short cruise, so it had to. Do I believe something like this could happen in real life? I WANT to…but no. That’s what make Fenichel’s story telling abilities that much better, because for a short time I changed my mind. Her colorful writing ensnared me and the sex scenes were plentiful and electrifying. I will definitely be picking up more from this author in the near future.

I give Alaskan Exposure by A.S. Fenichel 3.25 stars!


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