Just That Easy by Elizabeth Moore

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Type: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

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Reviewer: Pam

The Callahan brothers are no strangers to thrills, in bed or out. Darkly handsome Grant is an adventure racer and heir to the Callahan empire. His father’s indiscretions force him to inherit the mess and hypocrisy of his family’s fortune—the last thing he wants. He flees to a small town, hiding in plain sight as a library assistant. That is, until author Teryn Michaels walks into his life.

Teryn expects Al, the middle-aged gay librarian, behind the counter. Instead she finds the hottest guy she’s ever seen, all chiseled muscle with a mass of unruly black hair. As she stammers over her sex books, Grant’s hooked from the first minute. They delve into a hot affair, falling harder and deeper with each new sexy adventure, but Grant hasn’t been completely honest about who he is. He hopes Teryn will fall for the real Grant, the man he’s always wanted to be, before she finds out his true identity and goes back into her closed-off little world.

Just That Easy is a sexy romance that starts with immediate attraction which develops into deep feelings that must overcome secrets threatening to tear the two apart.

Grant Callahan is an adventure racer and heir to a family legacy that his father has left a mess. He does not like the person he has become so he flees to a small town to get away, hoping to find peace and a better person in himself. His uncle Jared has a former boyfriend named Al who works at a library and needs someone to fill in, Grant jumps at the chance.

Teryn has lived here for about ten years, she is an erotic romance writer and spends time at the Library doing research, she has become good friends with Al and is surprised when there is someone in his place, but she no complaints as this is a very nice looking stranger.

They are attracted to one another immediately, and although Teryn is a little shy, she is excited to be with Grant, it is like she has known him forever and trusts him implicitly. As they get to know each other, he pushes her boundaries and throws everything at her, including scenes from her books. And oh man those scenes are hot. It is only when his family secrets are revealed and he seems to revert back to the man he was, that threaten to upend the relationship.

This book sizzles as the relationship goes from zero to sixty about sixty minutes after they meet. The attraction is mutual and the sex is hot. Teryn is an engaging heroine, a bit naïve and way too trusting but I like her. She goes by her gut feelings about Grant and uses her trust in her friend Al to not steer her wrong but the fact to have never asked his last name when you have spent every night with the man is a lot to believe.

Grant has gone through much in his life, although from a wealthy family, it was a life without love from his parents, had he not had his younger brothers he might have gone crazy. He now fills his life with extreme adventure racing, friends and his brothers and has gone off the grid as far as the world is concerned. Is it very telling when he must go and help with a family crisis and you see his father as low as a person can go and the way he and the brothers deal with him.

Grant and Teryn steam up the bedroom, the shower, the side of a cliff (oh I could go on) from the start, they can’t seem to get enough of each other. The chemistry works and I like how much they enjoy being around each other, he seems to push her to live outside her usual comfort zone and she makes him feel normal. Other than the fact that I find it strange that she never knew his last name, doesn’t everyone Google a date’s name these days, I thought this was a very sexy romance that steams up the pages from start to finish. This is the start of a series and I am looking forward to reading more about these Callahan brothers, Tate seems very interesting.

I give Just That Easy by Elizabeth Moore 3.75 stars!

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  1. First let me say I enjoyed this book very much also!

    But I wanted to add that he does give her a last name when he meets her (though it is a fake one):
    He pulled his hand out of his jeans pocket and held it out to her over the counter.
    “Grant, sorry. Grant Hadley, Summer Assistant Librarian.”

    Not everyone gets a hit on Google. I know I have looked for old classmates and not been able to find anything on them, so nothing seemed odd about any of this to me.

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