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Today I am mega excited to welcome Moira Rogers here to my humble little blog! I met Bree, who is half of the Moira Rogers duo on where else…Twitter! Have I ever said how thankful I am for Twitter? I have? Oh, I’m saying it again then…sign up for Twitter!

*WAVING* Hi Bree! Welcome! Welcome! Come on in! Don’t let my freaky enthusiasm scare you off. I don’t bite….usually anyway.

Let’s start with the obvious, there are two of you..I know you each usually take one character but how do you deal with the plots? Do you switch off at each chapter?

We do everything together.  Everything!  We start a book with an overall plot in mind. Maybe a basic three acts, the major conflict, the good guys and bad guys.  We generally have to write a synopsis for our editor before we’re too far in, and that forces us to sit down and think about it.
Of course, things change!  So each time we finish a scene, we sit down and discuss the next few scenes.  What they need to accomplish, how they’ll advance the story or the character’s journey, and what might have changed based on what we’ve already written.  I always think of it as a road trip–we know we’re going across the country, and most of the major roads we’ll take, but who knows exactly how we’ll get to our destination.
And we never write a whole chapter on our own. On very rare occasions a scene, more often a few paragraphs. Sometimes we stop mid-sentence and the other person finishes it.  By the end of a book, neither of us is really sure who wrote what.

WOW, so much goes into each story! With two minds I would think problems might arise. Is there ever conflict on how you each see the story progressing? Or are you always on the same page as the other?

We always pretty much agree on where we want to end up, but sometimes we’ll disagree on how to get there.  Usually, though, a disagreement means there’s miscommunication, and that forces us to slow down long enough to lay out our goals and see where we’ve crossed wires.  Arguments are good for us. 😉

You definitely have developed a working system in your writing. Since I don’t hear anyone complaining LOL. You have been working together for a while now. How long have you been writing and how many books have you completed?

Oh gosh. Well, we started our first professional book together in August, 2007.  (That was Crux.)  Before that, we wrote about half a million words of practice, learning how to mesh our voice and plot together. And before that we wrote separately.  So even though we hit the ground running in 2007, it wasn’t our first time out the gate.
As for how many…well. Let me count the ones that are finished.
Full Novels:  Four
Category Length Novels: Six
Novellas: Nine
Short Stories: Eighteen
So. I guess we’ve been busy.

I would say so! That is a lot to accomplish in just a few years! You have several books coming out soon, tell us about them? What about upcoming projects?

We have a novel and a novella coming out over the next couple months!
The novel is Deadlock, the third book in our Southern Arcana series.  It’s a paranormal romance set mostly in New Orleans, dealing with a renegade alpha who has to decide if he wants to keep operating outside the system and the woman who can maybe change his mind. That’s in January.
The novella, Freeze Line, comes out in December. It’s a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance set during an ice age, where a witch and a werewolf find an unusual love even though nature is driving them apart.

I actually just got done reading Winter Wishes (which is the anthology that Freeze Line is in)! I really enjoyed your novella in it. If anyone is interested I have the review up for it here.

How did you decide on the name Moira Rogers?

Moira is a middle name in Donna’s family, Rogers is a middle name in mine.  (Contrary to rumor, we did not pick it to be next to Nora Roberts on the shelf.  Though now I wish I had been that devious.  Rogers really is my middle name!)

HA someone actually said that? I would never have even thought about it honestly. Right in between Roberts and Steel is a good place to be I suppose but that’s funny people would think that. Well maybe I will become an author and name myself Nikki Roberta… 🙂

What do you enjoy most about the life of an author? The least?

I love getting to write for a living, and getting paid to do something I love!  And for me, one of the best things is absolutely the readers.

My least favorite thing might be filling out marketing and information sheets for books. No one ever tells you how much paperwork you’ll have to do as an author.  (Not that I blame them. I might have run screaming.)

So it’s basically like buying a car huh? So much paperwork you start to wonder if its worth it? LOL. But I, along with every other reader, is sure glad you do it for us! It seems like so much work…do you still work 9 to 5 jobs on top of writing?

As of this year, we’re both full-time writers.  Donna still wrangles two kids during the day, and I do occasional consulting work on the side, but for the most part, this is it.  I quit my day job at the start of the year and have not looked back.

That must be quite an adjustment though I’m sure! So do you have any downtime now? What do you like to do in what little time you have?

Ha! Downtime.  Well, we have been getting a little more of that lately. Donna and I both love to watch TV and movies, read books, and play some of the same video games.   I’m pretty sure we might disappear for a week or two after Dragon Age 2 comes out.  😉

Well I will be sure to give a few days before I send the search party! I wouldn’t want to interrupt the fun! 🙂  So, since you do have a bit of downtime, what’s on your “to be read” shelf?

Hmmm, right now I’m waiting for a lull so I can read Nalini Singh’s latest.  I’m always waiting for the next Meljean Brook, and I can’t wait for next year and the release of the first Ellen Connor book.  (Ellen Connor is Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty writing apocalyptic paranormal romance together.)  And I’m literally counting the days until Kelley Armstrong’s next book!

All super excellent picks! Alright, I know your busy and Donna is probably calling you to write, so, last question.

Hollywood is calling…they want your latest book to be turned into a movie. You can cast anyone you want. Famous or upcoming…who do you choose for your main characters?

Oh goodness! You know, I’m terrible at this question…and a little afraid of it, too.  I’m always afraid I’ll pick an actor that some reader hates, and that then they’ll never be able to look at the book without twitching!

However, instead of totally flaking out, I’m going to link you to FictionVixen’s blog. In her review of Crossroads, she posted a smoking hot picture of a couple in the woods.  I’m not saying that’s my dream casting, but if they wanted to recreate that picture…well. I wouldn’t argue.  😉


Well, I think thats it for me! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and my followers! I certainly appreciate it more than you know!

Moira’s Bio:

How do you make a Moira Rogers? Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy. Toss in a dash of whimsy and a lot of caffeine, and enjoy with a side of chocolate by the light of the full moon.

By day, Bree and Donna are mild-mannered ladies who reside in the Deep South. At night, when their husbands and children are asleep, they combine forces to unleash the product of their fevered imaginations upon the page. To learn more about this romance writing, crime fighting duo, visit their webpage at (Disclaimer: crime fighting abilities may appear only in the aforementioned fevered imaginations.)


Ok, here is the giveaway part! Stop jumping up and down for a second so I can give you the details! I have been given the go head to give away one e-copy of any of the Moira Rogers backlist books found HERE. You can pick anything from under the AVAILABLE NOW list. Once you decide what you want, please leave a comment about something in this interview AND the name of the ebook you would like!

This giveaway will be open to anyone and goes until December 2nd at 11:59pm.


  1. I’ve never read a Moira Rogers book, I had no idea that it was two women collaborating! I LOVE the picture, its very very hot! An excellent interview!

  2. This has been a fun interview! I love the fact that you can take no free time with such grace (I need to learn that …). I hadn’t heard of your book before (blame it on the essays piling up around me) but I am kind of interested (something between “post apocalytpic” and “werewolf” got to me …) and so, I want to start at the beginning with “A Safe Harbor – Building Sanctuary #1” as my contest entry desire.

    I also find it interesting that you guys (as in, in the plural) write together. Me and a friend are thinking of doing the same thing – but I am not sure how to make it work out – two strong personalities with strong ideas about what should go down in a book … how do you make it work?

    Thanks for the opportunity to read the interview, the blog and the awesome contest!

    Much love,
    Ammy –> apereiraorama @

  3. HI! That wonderful picture looks like Jason Behr & Rhona Mitra from the movie “Skinwalkers” in which he plays a wolf shifter. Would love to have a copy of “Crux” if I win:)

    (I already have Moira’s novels)

    Thank you for the excellent in-depth interview. I like the excellent questions & follow-ups. Also it was fun to learn more about my favorite writing duo (other than Kessler/Kittredge).
    All the best,

  5. I have to say I have not read anything of Moira’s yet. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews from people I follow on Twitter and they’re all good reviews. I really like the photo for characters. Hot! I have to admit that I always look at the couple on front of the book. If they’re hot I normally go for it. Its hard for me to grab a book with a not so hot couple because then I picture them as I’m reading the book. So I bet its hard for the publisher’s to come up with the best cover. Please enter me in your contest. If I win I’d love Sanctuary Unbound – Book4 of Red Rock Pass series.

  6. I LOVE these ladies and their work! I’ve read several of their series and for the longest I had no idea it was two people writing. I think it’s amazing that the two of them are so in sync that they can write these books. 🙂

    If I won a book I would pick Wild Card. It sounds good (and I haven’t read it yet) 🙂

    kittykelly28 @

  7. Well I thought that I already entered this but I don’t see that I did… So here is me entering… I did enter twice please forgive me…..
    I have not read any of these books. But after reading your interview..These so need to go on my must read list…. Thank you for sharing… I am in love with the photo too!!!! Hot HOt HOT!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win…. As far as which book I would choice I am so anal about reading books in order that I would have to go with book 1 Crux of the Southern Arcana Series…….

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