Need You Tonight by Roni Loren (Loving On The Edge #5)

Need You Tonight by Roni LorenAvailable: February 27, 2014 Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

She’s making a wish list, and he wants to be on top. From foster kid to trophy wife, Tessa McAllen is about to reinvent herself all over again—and defy every insult her cheating ex-husband ever used against her: Selfish? She’s championing a charity. Stupid? She’s getting her degree.

Boring in bed?

Kade Vandergriff can help her with that one. When they encounter each other at a singles event held at one of his restaurants, Tessa blurts out that kink is for girls who try too hard, and Kade instantly wants to show this sassy stranger how thrilling a night under his command can be…but when he learns her name, the game changes for both of them.

In high school, Tessa was the popular girl who stuttering, awkward Kade fell for. But she chose another. Now, as she eagerly learns lesson after lesson, he’s going to make sure she never forgets him again.

Need You Tonight is another wonderful book by Ms. Loren that takes us on an emotional journey of love connecting two people as past haunts and future trusts come between to shake things up.

Tessa was married to Pastor Doug Barrett, the leader of the Living Light mega church in Atlanta, they had been together since high school and even though he abused her emotionally, she stayed with him for thirteen years. It was not until she catches him with a friend in the kitchen and he tells her there have been others, that she finds the courage to leave and start a new life.

Tessa walks out with nothing and goes home to Texas where her friend Sam still lives. Sam and Tessa had shared foster parents at one time and she knew Sam would help. Tess would say that Sam helps too much as she pushes her into the dating scene before she is ready, yet it is on one of these occasions that Tessa meets Kade, and spends one of the most amazing nights of her life. When a fire cuts short their time together and Kade realizes who she is, everything changes for both of them.

This is another in the series that continues to entertain as the characters feel real, the emotions are raw and the sex scenes are powerful. Tessa calls herself a chameleon, taking on whatever role is needed to get her through life without being hurt. She came from nothing and was always afraid to go back, but I like how when pushed to the wall she fights back and begins to see that starting from nothing again is not so bad. I love her friend Sam, not only is she funny and quirky (with a bit of a domme personality) but she helps Tessa see her own potential, gets her to see the positive, and is also very protective, she is such a good friend. Oh and Kade, I can’t say enough about the man, he is thoughtful and protective of those he cares for, a Dom that has a dark side and is hoping to find a woman that can share in his lifestyle. He has pulled himself up after a terrible high school experience and has succeeded and thrived, however the past is never too far away. It is very moving how the author shows scenes of Tessa and Kade in high school, as their budding friendship is cut short by bullies.

The sex scenes are amazingly hot and we watch Tessa blossom from a woman naïve in the bedroom to one that wants to experiment with everything new that Kade can teach and her growth is beautiful. Kade and Tessa have several issues to deal with that threaten their relationship, one of the main problems is trust, because it stems from years ago, but I like how they go about quietly working through them. At one point, I thought I knew where the author was taking their relationship but then she went down another path and I loved it. There are some explicit scenes that incorporate Kade’s dark side and they are harsh but work well with the story and his past.

I really enjoyed seeing old faces and new ones, friends and family join Tessa and Kade in their story along with Kade’s daughter who is so precious and adds a delightful element to the story. I like that The Ranch, the BDSM private club, is featured a bit, not much, but at least we get to visit. This is the fifth in the series but you can easily read this as a stand-alone since the story is about Kade and Tessa’s journey, and as always I am excited to see who is featured next.

The pace of the story is done well, their relationship is not rushed which felt right since they had many obstacles to overcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful story with some dark moments and touching scenes, a must read for all Ms. Loren’s fans.

I give Need You Tonight by Roni Loren 4.25 stars!

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